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Inconsistency With Your golf Equipment? Here are some reasons why.

Sometimes golfers see some inconsistencies with their golf equipment, especially when it comes to the carry distance of each club. However, before you run off and buy new golf equipment there are certain factors you should consider before doing so.

One of the first things you can do is bring your clubs to a club-fitter like Club Champion and have them checked. If your lie angle or loft has somehow changed these two factors can alter how far and what direction a ball flies. You can also have them check the shaft of each golf club to make sure there are no bends. Even though it is rare from regular wear and tear as golfers we find ourselves in some areas that are not "regular". A great example of this is when we end up trying to hit our ball out from under trees. The ground may be harder or there may be some roots we do not see. Hitting from areas that are not the softer grass of the fairways can possibly bend a club without noticing.

The equipment alone is a major factor of inconsistency but it is not the only thing. There are many factors that golfers are not aware of or do not take into consideration. Top on this list is the golf ball itself. Please keep in mind I am only talking about carry distances. If you take into account roll you will always find inconsistent numbers.

Do you use different golf balls during your round? If you do not play the same golf ball through your round of golf you may get different results with each golf ball. Golf balls vary in compression and may even have a different type of cover. These may affect how far the golf ball flies. If you compress one ball more than another that ball may fly further. The dimple pattern may be different, making the aerodynamics of how it flies through the air different. Some golf balls are designed for more distance or more spin. Then there is the difference between a golf ball built for higher swing speeds or a ball designed for lower swing speeds. Bridgestone Golf Balls are a great example. They have four tour balls. Two are designed for spin and for swings under 105 mph while two are designed for distance and for swings over 105 mph.

Weather is another factor that can cause a golf ball to fly further at different times. It may even happen on the same day. If the air is warmer the ball will fly further. Also, contrary to what people believe the more humid the air is will also allow for more carry of a golf ball. Honestly, I do not 100% understand it. Anyone that lives in south Louisiana will tell you the more humid the day the heavier the air feels. However, science tells us that water vapor is lighter than air, thus allowing a golf ball to fly further. When it is colder the air is heavier and the ball will not carry as far. Also, colder air makes it more difficult to compress the golf ball.

Elevation will make a difference. Even if you are only talking about a few feet. A pitch shot that you carry 15 yards may fly 20 yards if it is downhill 5ft. The opposite if the pitch is uphill. Here in the New Orleans area, we do not have to worry about elevation changes much but you will still see a difference hitting to elevated greens that we have at some golf courses. If you have a shot to a green elevated 3 feet and you have 135 yards to carry a bunker to that green then the shot is more like needing a 136-yard carry to clear that bunker. As the elevation gets more severe you have to adjust more. You can find some inconsistencies in your carry distance on every different hole if you do not understand this. A measured 150-yards on one hole may play longer on another hole.

One of the last things to consider is that your golf swing is not consistent from day to day. Even as a professional golfer this happens to me. There may be a day I am swinging steeper on the golf ball, hitting it with more of a descending blow. This causes more backspin which causes the ball to fly higher and shorter. This is where going to the range before a round comes in handy. You can either try and fix something real quick or understand the difference that day and go with it. If you understand how your swing is different on any day you can adjust and play it. For me, this means there may be a day I play my 6-iron at a max carry distance of 175-yards, and the next I may play it at a max carry distance of 195-yards.

In closing, I know all these may not be the case for all golfers. These are just some of the things I have seen or have had conversations about with golfers. These are just reasons you may see some inconsistency that you may think is equipment. If you can rule all these out and you still find your golf equipment inconsistent then chances are it is your golf clubs. As I mentioned at the beginning get your clubs checked to rule that out. If you play different golf balls try using the same golf ball for every round. Take note of the weather temps and elevation differences, no matter how small those changes may be. You may just see a better golf game by understanding all this.

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