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Limited Edition American Flag Designs to benefit Vets.

Starting today (July 4th) and running through to Labor Day we will be selling special American Flag designs to benefit Vets.

These designs are simple yet unique to golf and Louisiana. We will donate $2 (approximately 50%) of the profits of every sale to Code of Vets. Code of Vets is a charity organization that helps Vets in many different ways. Here is a paragraph from the Code Of Vets Website:

We are bringing awareness & ​seeking practical solutions to the daily struggles & issues of our veteran community. Our mission is to take care of our own. One veteran at a time. We are coalescing our base to be a powerful voice speaking for the rights of veterans with dignity & respect.

Our goal is to help raise $1000 or more through the sales of these unique American Flag designs specific to golf. As of now, we have some hats and shirts for Men and Women. We will add a few more options this week to give a better variety for everyone.

We appreciate everyone's support in helping us achieve our goal. The day after Labor Day these designs will be gone and we will announce how much money we helped raise for our Vets.

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