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Local College Golf Resumes This Month

We did a post back in October 2020 titled 3 Social Media Must Follows For New Orleans Golf. This was about local college golf that many people in the New Orleans area do not realize we have. There are four teams from three local colleges. Tulane University has a women's program, the University of New Orleans has a men's program and Loyola University of New Orleans has both a men's and women's golf program.

All three schools have great programs and really good players. Their fall seasons were either postponed or shortened but now they all get back to it this month. While Loyola and Tulane will be out of state for the start of their spring schedule the UNO will be playing just over an hour away in Mathews, LA at LaTour Golf Club starting February 14th.

You can follow each team's events through their social media channels and websites. They all should have live scoring which can be found linked to on their schedules.

University of New Orleans Schedule - Click Here

Tulane Univesity Schedule - Click Here

Loyal University Men - Click Here

Loyal University Women - Click Here

We should all be following each of these teams and when they play a local event at home we should go root them on and show our support. By us as a community showing or support even if it is only a social media follow it can make a huge difference in the success of these programs. Plus you also get a chance to follow golfers that may make it to a professional tour and you can say you watched them back when. We also believe we should support these teams the way we support other sports or the way we show up to the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Could you imagine the home course advantage when these schools host another team and we have five or ten thousand New Orleanians out there pulling for them? We would love to see that happen.

Visit the links above with each school's schedule or the blog post we mentioned previously to find all their social media channels to give them a follow.

We wish each team the best of luck with their upcoming spring schedule.


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