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Online Lessons Coming In August

Coming in August, Golf Nola will be offering online golf lessons.

This Golf Nola feature comes from you. The numerous emails and questions from golfers I've met have asked us about instruction.

The main question I have been asked that started this is:

Can I send you a video of my swing so you can help me?

The answer was not at this moment but I will look into doing that. The biggest problem with sending in videos is they may lose quality in an email and they are too big for a text. I have looked into what it takes to not have those issues happen and have found a way to not only keep the quality but a way for you to have your video stored online for your convenience.

I know you may be asking, why wait until August? This is for two reasons. One I want time to get used to the new coaching software to make sure I do my job properly. The second reason is this will only be available to Golf Nola members and I want anyone interested in an online lesson the opportunity to become a Free member now. Additionally, I am working with other instructors that will join the Golf Nola team on a pricing structure. Please answer the survey questions below to help us out.

How it works:

Take a video of your swing in action on the golf course or driving range. Lessons will cover all areas of the game. Full swing, short game, and putting can all be looked at. You pick what you want to work on, send in the video how you want, and it will be analyzed using our coaching software then sent back to you with some tips and drills. If you would like a demonstration of the tips given to you with a side-by-side comparison that can be done as well.

Check out this promo video to see a sample of what a lesson video will look like.

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