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Overcoming Misadventure On The Golf Course

Last week I had the pleasure of several misadventures playing golf with some friends. The day didn't start normally as I woke up a bit late but that was not a big deal. I just didn't have as much time as I would like before my round. I still had plenty of time to stretch and roll some putts though.

Some of the misadventures actually started in the golf shop when I checked in. Even though I know people at this particular golf course many times I just do not feel welcomed by some of the staff there. I can deal with that but what kind of got me was annoyed was hearing the couple next to me check-in, from out of town, and hearing that range balls were not included in their rate. Not sure what they paid but the local rate was $89 that day, which also does not include range balls, so to not include them is a bit ridiculous. I want to help and see New Orleans golf grow, yet here is a course that is hurting the game. Part of this that bothered me however was the rate I paid knowing the conditions haven't been up to "par" lately. A bit more of that later.

Calm and ready for the first tee I arrive there only to realize I forgot some things in my car. Quick run and we tee off on the first hole. Not the best shot but playable. The next thing that happened was something I still can not wrap my head around how I did it. I lost my laser range finder before we even started. That lead to a bit more frustration and I proceeded to hit three consecutive fat shots before finally making a triple bogey.

The second hole wasn't good I managed to make par. The third hole however I somehow hit another fat shot then while driving the cart to my ball I managed to get hit by a tree branch that smacked me in the face. Not sure if I rolled over one or drove into it while looking for my ball. Things kept happening off and on like this for the day. I still managed to keep it together and not let things blow up until the 17th hole. I was in a bunker and everything looked fine. I even felt sand under my feet. Once I hit the shot however there was not a half-inch of sand under the ball and the club hit solid clay as hard as concrete. That is where I let the whole day get to me. Greens that had hardly any grass, some greens covered in sand or pitting, bunkers that were like hitting off a rock, all for the great low rate of $89. I was highly upset.

The last hole I managed a par and by the end of the hole all my misadventures were put behind me and I went on about the rest of my day. I could have let everything build up from how I started but I managed to keep my cool and take it a shot at a time. I even had a seven-hole stretch with two birdies, one bogey, 4 pars. The more you let one thing bother you, no matter what it may be, that results in some poor golf shots there will be a snowball effect that can make things much worse. When that happens it can ruin your day.

To overcome all this on a golf course you must find a distraction or a way to quickly put adversity behind you. For example, after the first hole I had, I looked toward a pond in search of an alligator. Cracked a joke or two with some friends and tried to forget about what had happened. Another thing I like to do is laugh off a bad shot. The last thing you want to do is start thinking about what went wrong or thinking about trying to avoid the same result on your next shot. There are many things you can do but you need to find what works for you. Maybe you want walk it off if you have a partner to drive the cart. Just get yourself out of the frustration of the misadventure you had. Stay focused on having fun. Try not to think of the score. It will take care of itself if you have fun and don't worry about any misadventure you have on the golf course. In my book Manage your Golf Game I go into more detail in the bonus section to help with a good mental attitude on the golf course.

No matter what happens on any given day on a golf course we need to remember it is just a game. Just like all other games and life itself sometimes they are not fair but we roll with the punches. Just like if you get out of bed and stub your toe how you deal with or handle it can dictate how your day goes. The same goes for misfortune on the golf course. Either let it consume you or let it go and enjoy your day.

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