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Review: HeroBiker Men's Base Layer Thermal Set

With the temperatures dropping, I wanted a way to be able to still play golf but keep warm without spending $100+ on top brand thermal gear.

I searched Amazon for thermals that came in a set and found the HeroBiker Men's Thermal Underwear Base Layer Set. I was very skeptical when I placed my order as I had never heard of this brand before. However, for the set, top and bottom together, priced under $25 I figured why not order them.

Yesterday with the temperatures below 50 degrees I figured it was a great day to give them a try. I was unable to play golf so I just wore them while I ran errands. To truly test them I only put one layer of clothing over them, a light sweatshirt and pants.

The fit is true to size. If you wear a medium shirt and pants you definitely want to order the mediums. The inside is fleece-lined and very soft on the skin as well. These thermals have a compression-style fit but are very stretchy and not restricting like some compression fit thermals. They are however thin in comparison to top brands like Under Armour Cold Gear but at a fraction of the cost of what only a top from Under Armour cost I was not expecting them to be as thick.

So, how warm did they kept me?

When I first put them on this morning I honestly did not think they would work well at all. They feel so thin and light I was worried I'd be cold. I was not. Yes, they are thin enough to feel a breeze but to me, that is just the breathability. Throughout the day when moving around the thermals keep your body heat in. I was very comfortable all day until the temperature dropped below 45 yesterday. That is when I could feel the colder air seeping in but it was not unbearable. As the day slowed and I was no longer moving around as much creating body heat that however is when I felt the thinness and started to feel the cold. As it got to be around 40 degrees is when I was really feeling the colder air.

Luckily here in the New Orleans area, we do not have to worry about too many days it will be around 40 degrees and honestly I do not plan on playing much golf when it is colder than 45 degrees.

All in all, I feel these are going to be perfect for golf for temperatures between 45 and 55 degrees. For the price, I am not expecting the HeroBiker brand to be as great as top brands that you can wear in the snow, even though they say they are for skiing, but they will do the job here in New Orleans.

Also for your benefit, I searched to make sure HeroBiker has these thermals for women and kids as well. They have them for Men, Women, Girls, and Boys. (below)

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