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Review: The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever

The Short game is the most important part of golf. Don't let those talking about distance and the latest driver convince you otherwise. You only hit a driver 14 times, or less, in a round of golf. Even if you shoot even par, 72, that leaves 58 shots. Out of those 58 shots, 40+ are from inside 100 yards including putts. That equates to roughly 80% off all shots in a round of golf being inside 100 yards.

This book, The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever, covers just about every shot needed inside 100-yards of the green. It is truly the most complete short game instructional book I have ever seen. It covers about 56 specific short game topics with instructions on how to play all the different shots.

There are many other great short game books out there, but none that cover so many different things. Learn basic chips, buried bunker, pitch, and other shots to add to your game. Each topic sticks to the basics, is easy to understand, and gives you just the right amount of information without getting wordy or confusing. This is also a downside as some of the topics may not have enough information for some readers.

To be honest with everyone I have a digital version of the book and not sure if the hardback version is the exact same. I do believe it is the exact same book, however, the hardback version comes with a bonus DVD. I wanted to be able to give my digital copy to everyone, but due to Copywrite and resale rights, I can not. The book is available from Worldwide Golf Shops for $32.00, which is actually a steal in comparison to lessons. All the information in this one book is worth 40+ hours of instruction and a savings of thousands of dollars considering an average lesson cost is around $80 per hour.

I highly recommend The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever to any golfer wanting to improve around the greens.

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