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Why Now Is The Perfect Time For a Club Fitting.

Spring is right around the corner and the weather is a bit chilly to get out and play makes getting fit now the perfect time. If you had a fitting by the end of March you should be able to get your clubs in 2 - 8 weeks depending on how many clubs and how custom-built they are. Even if you don't want to buy a new set now, it is still the perfect time for a fitting to learn some things about your game and your current equipment before the weather gets better to get out and play more.

Regardless of skill level, every golfer at some point should go through a club fitting session. Not only is getting custom-fit clubs great for your game but you can also learn things about your golf swing. With today's technology involved in a fitting, you can see little details of your clubface at impact, your ball speed, swing speed, swing path and so much more.

The best club fitting session I have ever gone through was at The Kindom from TaylorMade Golf. Not only do they go through every club in your bag including the putter, but they also get down to so much detail you wear need certain bands for 3D Motion Capture. This tells you every move your body makes in your golf swing and you can see it from every angle including under your feet. It is truly a unique experience and nearly identical to what the professional goes through. Unfortunately, we do not have one of these locations here in the New Orleans area but it would be worth the travel.

One new thing TaylorMade Golf is doing to help golfers is Virtual Fitting Consultations. According to their website, these fitting are complimentary. You must have or need to create a TaylorMade Golf account but even that is worth it with their Loyalty Rewards Program.

Here in the New Orleans area, we do have one of the best golf club fitting companies in the country, Club Champion. Having experienced the Club Champion in Orlando before I was personally excited the day they came to the area. I have plans to go through a whole bag fitting with them soon and will video the experience for everyone to see. The big thing that sets Club Champion apart from many of the others, they use components of clubs to fit you properly and not just demo clubs. What I mean by this is the club heads can detach to try multiple shafts on one clubhead or multiple club heads on one shaft. This allows for a more detailed custom set to be built. Club Fittings range from $80 for a Wedge Fitting taking on1 hour to $350 to fit you for every club and takes 3 1/2 hours. Sometimes they have specials for discounts or how you can get free fitting but you'd have to call them or follow their social media. You can schedule online or call the local Club Champion at (504) 619-9846

Another local place we have that is pretty good and has been doing fittings for a very long time is Edwin Watts Golf Shops in Kenner. Being one of the only golf-specific retail shops in the area you can be sure they know what they are doing. One great thing Edwin Watts has is they are part of Worldwide Golf Shops and this gives them a huge inventory of clubs to test and get fit for. Even if the local shop may not have a specific set and it can be found on the Worldwide Golf Shops website, then you can be sure they can get it for you and most likely at an excellent price.

Dicks Sporting Goods and many of the golf courses in the area can do a club fitting, however many of them do not have the same technology to do an in-depth fitting I recommend for golfers. If you are going to invest the time into getting fit for a set of clubs you may as well do it the best way possible. Go all in. Especially if you want a custom set of clubs that will make a difference in the quality of your golf game.

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