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The Story Behind Golf NOLA

Kyle Hrubes’ passion for golf began at the young age of 3 and continues today as strong as ever. Through some ups, downs, and many challenges in life that passion for golf has never changed. From the early days of junior golf through different professions Kyle always wanted a life and career in golf and knew one day he would find a way. Flash forward to 2005 when Kyle graduated with an Associate Business Degree in Golf Course Management and Operations and a Teaching Certificate. Kyle’s full-time golf career was taking off.


The story of Golf NOLA began back in 2008 even though it was not thought of yet. So how is that possible? Kyle Hrubes, the owner of Golf NOLA, was playing professionally on golf mini-tours living in Florida. It was a knee surgery that took Kyle out of playing professional golf and caused him to move back home to the New Orleans area. It wasn’t known at the time but that move and transition back, into being a Golf Professional, is what would inevitably lead to a single thought. A thought that will later be the driving force behind Golf NOLA. That thought was; why is New Orleans not a bigger golf destination?


That single thought began some research as to why New Orleans was not attracting more golfers both from out of state and locally. After years of trying to figure it out, even while working as a golf professional there was no defining answer. With some unfortunate medical issues, Kyle being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, the idea was almost given up on. It was while bartending and being out of the golf industry that Kyle figured out what was missing with New Orleans golf. There was no way for golfers to know where to play, what conditions local courses would be in, and no premier events to draw golfers to. Additionally, golfers from out of state had no idea where to play or stay. 


Come forward to 2020 and Kyle was still not aware that he would start Golf NOLA. The pandemic changed everything. Not sure what to do financially and golf seeing an increase as an outside activity, all those past ideas came full circle to realize how to fill a void in New Orleans area golf. Just like that Golf NOLA was born in June of 2020. 


Not only did Kyle find a way to fill a void in what New Orleans golfers were missing but he was also able to go beyond that and give golfers wanting to visit what they needed in order to find a golf course as well as hotels near those courses. Golf NOLA has become a true Golf Destination Guide for Everything Golf New Orleans. 


The growth Kyle has achieved with GOLF NOLA in a short period of time is a continually growing Social Media following, a constantly increasing subscriber base, and being added to the Louisiana Golf Tourism Board. Feedback from golfers has also been incredible, with golfers saying they get on Gol NOLA’s website every week to determine where their next golf round will be. One of the main missions Kyle had in mind has been accomplished. 


After one year of growth, Kyle is somewhat gaining celebrity status and his name is becoming easily recognized as is that of Golf NOLA. As things continue to grow Kyle will bring premier events to the region and a premier golf league giving golfers a fun and competitive environment to play golf. Kyle’s success is truly going to change the way golf is thought of in New Orleans.

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