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3 Social Media Media Must Follows for New Orleans Golf Teams

Through recent conversations, it became apparent that many people in the New Orleans area do not, whether they play golf or not, realize that we have local college golf teams. Many believe New Orleans is not a big enough golf community or that schools here are more concerned about other sports. No matter what reasons people believe we have three local colleges with a golf team or two.

At one point all these schools may have had both a men's and women's programs, but now only one school has both. Be it funding or lack of participation we do not know. What we can say is these teams are worth a follow on social media and could use more local support.

The three schools that have teams are as follows. Each team has a schedule on their websites as well as team related news:

Loyola University:

Known as the Wolf Pack, Loyola has both men and women programs. You can follow then on two social media platforms as well as their athletic department website.

Social Handle: @Loynogolf

Twitter: Dedicated solely for their golf teams at -

Facebook: This is actually their Athletic Department, but can be followed at -

Website: Dedicated to all Wolf Pack Athletics, but they have a dedicated page for golf.

Tulane University:

Tulane, a school that actually has more women's sports programs than men's only has a women's team and uses the hashtag #NOLABuilt. These Green Wave girls play some great golf and are worth the follow. They can be followed on three social media platforms and their website all dedicated solely to the team.

Social Handle: @GreenWaveWGolf

The University of New Orleans (UNO):

UNO only has a men's program, but they recently won the 2020 Gulf Coast Collegiate back in March (Read Story Here). UNO uses the very catchy hashtag #NOLAsTeam which makes the team news easy to find on social media just searching using the hashtag. They have three social media platforms and a website.

Social Handle: @PrivateersGolf


All three of these schools could use some extra local support. They all host local tournaments in the area during their respective seasons and are easy to go watch and cheer for. These schools also may have fundraising tournaments for charity or other reasons you can participate in, like the 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Golf Tournament.

It is our hope in the future as Golf NOLA grows that we may partner with these teams next spring and do some Free junior boys and girls clinics with instruction from the team's members.

Follow these teams, if you do not already, and show them they have our support. It can be as little as a share or retweet but helps the reach of their programs.

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