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5 Accessories Every Golfer Should Have

There are many things golfers need for a round of golf. Let's get past the golf clubs and golf balls, those are obvious must-haves. You could even say tees are in the obvious category but you can play a golf round without those if needed. This is about going past the most obvious and getting down to what should almost be considered essential. Like your driver's license is for driving.

I've seen many golfers without most of these on the golf course. If I were to stand at the first tee and check with every golfer the vast majority would be without one or two of these accessories. Some golfers may actually have none of these with them.

What are these five accessories every golfer should have?

Divot Repair Tool - This may be the most important of all accessories a golfer should have. This is the one tool that gives golfers the opportunity to help the maintenance crew keep the good conditions of the golf course. Yes a tee can work, but I personally prefer a two prong divot tool like my Saints one (pictured). The two prong is easier to make sure the divot repair tool can be used properly. The designs have changed and fit better in your fingers now making sure you hold it the right way. Take for example the new NFL CVX Repair Tool compared to mine.

Ball Marker - This is an item I see many golfer do not carry with them. There have been so many times I have played golf either with friends or people I just met that don't have a ball mark with them. So many times I have asked someone to mark their golf ball because it is in the way of my pitch shot and they turn to a friend for a marker or they end up using their putter to mark the ball position with a tee out of my may. This is one that I find the strangest as you can use change, something most people have somewhere they could slip in there pocket before heading out to play. Many divot tools come with a ball marker or you can get a hat clip ball marker. Both can be found with you favorite sports team.

Towel(s) - This is another one I kind of don't understand why anyone playing golf would not have. Their are so many uses and benefits of a towel. Especially a golf specific towel. Dry your hands, wipe sweat off your face, and clean your clubs. I prefer the microfiber waffle pattern towels myself. They are big enough to keep half clean for drying your hands and the other half for cleaning clubs. I would also recommend a smaller towel for cleaning the ball that you can carry to the green with you. The Club Glove Tandem Towel pack for $20 is the best way to go. You get both towels you need.

Umbrella - Now I will admit this may not be a must have in some parts of the world but here in the New Orleans are it is. You never know when we may get some rain so its always better to be prepared. Another use, especially for those walking, is for shade on those hot sunny days to protect you from UV rays. Any umbrella is better than none but a golf umbrella is so much better. Golf umbrellas are made with a larger canopy and many come with a double canopy with wind vents. You can pay anywhere from $15 for a single canopy without wind vents or $60 plus for a name brand one like a Footjoy Golf Umbrella.

Sunscreen - This is one of those things we should all have with us daily no matter what we are doing outdoors. I have seen many golfer get sunburn. The sun can be very damaging to your skin and it is not restricted to just summer. The summer, however, is worse and you should not only have sunscreen but also a hat. Suncreen has a long shelf life and can easily be stored in the golf bag. I actually keep one spray bottle in my bag and one in my vehicle so I always have one with me. This is also one of those things you can share with your fellow golfers. Once you start keeping sunscreen with you other will ask to use some as soon as they see you spray yourself with it. A sport sunscreen spay is ideal. They are sweat proof and give you good coverage.

If you don't already carry all these things with you on the golf course at all times you shouldreally consider getting them. You will be better prepared for a round of golf than most golfers.

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