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Are You Ready For Summer Golf?

Golf in the New Orleans area during the summer can be brutal. It is not just the high temperatures that can be a pain but also the high humidity and chances of afternoon thunderstorms.

When playing golf during the summer we all should be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw at us. There are some things we can control to make sure we enjoy our days golfing as best as we can. Here are a few tips on what you can do to enjoy summer golf.

Wear Sunscreen - this is something that should be done all year but especially during the summer when the UV rays can be at their worst. The last thing you want to do is damage your skin or end up with a skin disease or worse. Some of the better no sweat sprays are great to keep in your golf bag and can easily be reapplied when needed.

Stay Hydrated - Staying hydrated is important to keeping your body temperature regulated. We also want to replenish those fluids we sweat out and avoid heat stroke at all costs. Find out f the course you are playing that day will have a beverage cart on the course. If they do not as for a cooler and get some extra water to keep in it for the day.

Wear a Breathable Shirt - Apparel technology has come a long way. You can easily find shirts designed for the summer heat that are breathable and keep you cool. Some are even made with UV protection in the material. Like the Adidas Go-To Primegreen Polo. This does not mean you will not sweat it just means it won't be as bad as a non-breathable shirt. Some shirts are even designed to wick moisture away from your body that help you cool down. These shirts are a great investment if you enjoy summer golf.

Have an Umbrella - This is important for two reasons. One, you are prepared for those afternoon thunderstorms that may pop up. You really do not want to get caught without one and end up drenched having to wait to dry off before driving home. Secondly, an umbrella is good to keep the sun off of you, especially if you walk when playing golf.

Wear Eye Protection - Keep your eyes protected from powerful UV rays and see the golf course more clearly. Any sunglasses are better than none. You really want something that can not only protect your eyes but also something that can help you see clearly. We prefer Tifosi Optics and more specifically their golf-specific sunglasses with Enliven Golf Lenses. Plus you can keep your eyes protected with great quality for under $100.

Stying prepared for summer golf can help us all enjoy the game better. Hope these tips help you enjoy your summer rounds of golf.

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