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Benefits of CBD for Golfers

First let me start by saying I can only speak from personal experience of how CBD Oil has helped me, not just in golf but with life. I am not a doctor and can not make any claims or promises that CBD will help you as much as it has helped me, but I can give you information, tell you my story and let you decide for yourself.

I have been playing golf just about my entire life. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. Playing golf was on hold for a while or when I did get out and play golf I was barely able to move the next day. After years of trying different medicines, my Dr and I finally found one that works better than others. Even with an Rx that helped clear my skin and stop swelling in my joints I was still in pain daily and needed RX pain medications just about on a daily basis, especially after a round of golf.

About a year ago a friend said I should try CBD Oil. I figured why not.

Just like everything else I try that's new, I took it every morning for 30 days to notice if there was a difference. I honestly did not notice much at first until I realized I was not taking pain medication every day anymore. I’ve taken it every day since.

Another big difference and I did not realize at first, my family noticed and had told me, I was not as stressed. That is where CBD Oil helps tremendously in golf alone. I started taking a little extra CBD on days I would go play golf and I would remain calm and relaxed the entire round. Even if it was a bad round I was not getting upset over bad shots and letting it mentally distract me from enjoying the day. By staying calm and enjoying the day you can also play better. As every golfer knows, when you let one shot affect the next shot it snowballs into a bad day of golf. Staying calm and mentally focused is not just a great benefit in golf, but in life. The people around me even took notice.

CBD Oil also has helped me with inflammation. Instead of a pain pill, or needing an anti-inflammatory drug when I get home after a round of golf, if I feel any kind of tightness, I take a 10mg CBD Gummie and go on about my day.

Each person is affected differently and the only way to find out is to try something. I will add, however, if you have any condition you take medication for on a regular basis, talk to your doctor before trying CBD products. I have not heard of anyone having any problems taking CBD with any medications, but it is always better to find out.

The only downside of CBD products is they are not that cheap. For me, I take the 750mg Tincture (pictured at top) and it's about $114 a month. I do find it well worth it to me for all the benefits I have personally experienced, but at that price, it is not for everyone. However, the Gimmies and the 500mg Tincture are about $89. The gummies could be a good place to start if you only want to try CBD for rounds of golf. I have a few friends that have been typing that as of late. They eat a gummy 30min before playing just to calm their nerves. So far they say it is helping. I have yet to try that myself as I take CDB every morning, but may try a gummy before my next round and see how it works. I will let everyone know when I do.

The bottom line is CBD oil has benefited me in golf by being able to play with far less pain during and after, stay more focused, and feel less stressed. These are the three key elements in golf, to enjoy it and play better. When we are mentally focused that leads to more positivity which can lead to a day stress-free and relaxed that leads to a good swing and rhythm. That all makes for an overall better day on the golf course.

Please note: The Full Spectrum CDB Tincture I use has 0.03% THC in it. Taken on a regular basis like I do it will show up on a drug test. Please check out the THC Free Broad Spectrum version if you have a job to worry about or just do not want any THC in the product at all.

I have enjoyed the CDB Products so much I got involved as a reseller, which also saves money. Learn more or just check out all the products, from bath bombs to dog treats at

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