Course Review: Stonebridge Golf Club of New Orleans

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This review is from playing Stonebridge Golf Club of New Orleans on Monday, June 7th.

This was a last-minute decision as the weather forecast for the rest of the week did not look good. After the rain on Sunday and knowing it would be cart path only I went anyway. Turned out to be a real nice day except it was windy and a tad bit on the warm side. All in all a decent day to play golf.

I'll start with the clubhouse. The pro shop has moved temporarily due to some work being done. I did not find out what was going on but it would appear that some type of remodeling construction or improvements are going on. A good sign when a club is willing to make changes for the betterment of their guest. The clubhouse was also not the only area Stonebridge is wanting to improve. The practice putting green was closed due to work they are doing to it.

After taking a few putts and stretching I headed over to the first tee. When I got there it was not as positive as the clubhouse. The tee box was cut down and pretty level but it was cut out of St. Augustine grass. No matter how low it is cut there is always a length to it and it is not ideal for teeing up a golf ball. To get the tee in the ground the ball was still nearly at grass level for a driver. This recurred on many tee boxes. Some were tight Bermuda grass and some were a mix of the two types of grass. Bermuda on a par-3 hole was fine but when it was St. Augustine it was like a flier lie in the short rough. This is something I could normally deal with as it is still playable however the back tees were not very level for the majority of the golf holes. I get a slight slant for drainage but these were un-level in the sense of small impressions leaving your feet unlevel and above or below the ball a few inches.

The fairways, even though they looked beautiful from the tee boxes and you could see a definition between them and the rough were not much better than the tee boxes were. The fairways also had a mix of grass on some, only St. Augustine cut low on some or only Bermuda on others. It only affected the play on the St. Augustine grass. You would have to play for the ball to jump or it may have been sitting down just a bit. The good thing is all the grass was healthy and, unless I was just in different areas than other golfers, the fairways had very few divots.