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Golf Course Review: Pinewood Golf Club

This is our first time getting a review done at Pinewood Golf Club. We were there for a charity golf tournament organized by PigLit BBQ, raising money for Hogs For a Cause. Ben from PigLit BBq tells us more about what they do at the beginning of our review video below. PigLitBBQ was such a welcoming and fun group and we were glad to be a part of their 2nd annual event. We look forward to helping them raise money again next year.

It had been years since I had played at Pinewood Golf Club and I was excited to get back out there. The golf course is an older-style layout that was built in 1963. It is a golf course where you need good course management with some really good risk-reward holes. You can not just rip the driver on every hole and need to play for position. That is unless you are playing in a 4-person scramble when you can take more risk and just have a good time. The greens are small and the course puts an emphasis on your short game if you miss a green.

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I was not expecting Pinewood to be in perfectly maintained condition but I was not expecting what we found. Being honest the golf course was not in good condition. The greens were very bumpy with crabgrass growing all over them. This is something they are trying to get control of and it will be a process. This does not mean they were unplayable by any means you just have to understand you will not get a true roll and take it for what it is. The few areas that did not have some crabgrass were actually very good. There just weren't many of them. There were two temporary greens on the golf course as the main greens on those two holes were almost completely gone. Pinewood did a good job on the placement and mowing of the temporary greens as they were very playable.

The tee boxes were a little bare and missing grass but playable. Many of them were pretty level and were not an issue for playability. They just were not aesthetically pleasing. The ground was hard trying to put a tee in but after 26 of 27 days of no rain, you can almost expect that at any golf course.

The fairways were hit-and-miss. Some were almost all dirt and some had really good grass on them. However for the most part the fairways had grass that was just thin where you could see the dirt underneath. You could still get a decent lie but it didn't look like a decent lie. I can say for the most part the worst parts of the fairways are areas that most golfers would hit the ball past and not a playability issue whatsoever.

The hospitality makes Pinewood Golf Club worth a visit and the price is decent enough that you don't expect perfect conditions. Also, Pinewood does something no other course in the area does. At least not to my knowledge. That is they offer a pay-by-hole option. If you don't have enough time for 9-holes you can pay for less. I believe there is a two-hole minimum but I think this is a great idea. This is perfect for those that want to play after work but only have time for 4-holes before dark. The program is called Quick Golf and you can learn more on the website of Pinewood Golf Club.

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