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Golf NOLA Events Update

For starters, we made it easier to access our events on our menu. You can now go to the events tab right away instead of as a secondary tab.

After many weeks of complications communicating with some golf courses, we finally went ahead and contacted Lakewood Golf Club and have our first event on the books. This first event is a Beat The Pro Skins Game. Registration is limited to the first 19 golfers and Golf NOLA members will have first access to registration. If you are interested in playing and not a member, no worries, you can Join Golf NOLA Free.

The Beat The Pro Skins Game will consist of gross and net skins for every golfer. The Beat the Pro aspect will consist of all golfers competing using their handicap or average score against Golf NOLA owner Kyle Hrubes playing at scratch. For example, if Kyle Shoots a 74, any golfer that shoots 73 or better net will win a $20 Gift card.

More events will be coming in the near future. We hope to be doing July events at LaTour Golf Club and Oak Harbor. Many different formats may be used as we grow and as each event gets bigger we will separate the field into flights for a better competitive experience.

The idea behind these fun events right now is to create a buzz, increase membership and participation, as well as attracting potential sponsors. As we all grow together the prizes will get bigger, the competition will be broader, and the more fun we will all have. This is also all in preparation for a full Golf NOLA League for 2022 that will consist of two events a month between March and October with a Championship at the end.

We hope you enjoy what we are trying to do for New Orleans Golf. If you do please visit our Affiliate Sponsor LInks more so we can ask them for more to give back. If you have any questions about any event coming up or other questions in general please Contact Us.

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