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Golf "Tee" Shirts and How They Can Help Grow New Orleans Golf.

For some time now we have had ideas to help grow the game of golf in the greater New Orleans area. Even with some of the great ideas, that we'll mention below, there is still a cost factor involved. We wanted to raise money in the most cost-effective way while giving our supporters something back in return.

We decided to go with "Tee" Shirts designed for not just any golfer but specific to New Orleans golfers. There are some designs for just any golfer, however, our goal is to give you as many unique New Orleans golf designs as possible. To keep the cost down we went with a print on demand supplier so we do not have to keep an inventory of every product the designs are on. Each design is also on stickers, mugs, hats, and more for men, women, kids, and even babies.

Currently, there are only a few designs available but there is a Mardi Gras theme design and a twist on New Orleans "Let The Good Times Roll" saying. We will continue to be creative and keep as many designs as possible related to New Orleans but we will also keep some of the more popular designs like Keep Calm and Play Golf there as well. There will however be something on every shirt regardless of how specific or generalized it is. Somewhere hidden in every design is, #GrowNolaGolf so that everyone knows exactly what the purpose of the shirt is for. We also encourage anyone that is kind enough to share these designs on social media to use that hashtag.

How does this help us grow golf in the New Orleans area?

To grow the game of golf you need to make golf accessible to everyone. Our goal is to do just that by hosting Free clinics or special events. This will also be done in a categorical way so people feel comfortable with others going through things the same as they are. Here is a short example of what we have in mind.

Free Beginners Only Clinic - a way to introduce people to golf that have never played the game at all or started to play in the last six months.

Mother/Daughter and Father/Son Clinics - To be held around Mothers Day and Fathers Day it is a great way for quality time and bonding through golf.

Parent/Child Golf Days - The idea here is to reserve times at a golf course on a specific day so parents and their kids can be on a golf course with groups like themselves and not feel intimidated by other golf groups. Many golfers understand what we mean by that and we want to give parents an opportunity to enjoy golf with their child which helps get more families involved in playing together.

Women's Days - This too is like the Parent/Child golf days. There are many reasons why women do not play as much as men and one of the main reasons are not having other women to play with. We want to give them an opportunity to make new friends and enjoy themselves.

Free Junior Clinics - This clinic will not be like the normal summer junior programs at courses. This will be specifically designed for juniors whose parents may not be able to afford to send them to a regular summer program or buy them lessons. We want to use these clinics to introduce juniors to the game that may not get a chance otherwise.

That is just some of what we would like to do in our efforts to grow New Orleans golf. We will continue to find new ways to give back to the game that gave us so much.

Check out every design and product here:

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