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How You Can Earn Money Back Purchasing Golf Equipment

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

To start let me be clear that this is not specific to golf and is not a "cash back" system. Even though this is somewhat not golf-related I hope you find this informative.

With that said how would you like to have a company give you back a percentage of every purchase?

I personally have done this for over a year and just from golf purchases alone I have earned $82.59 back. Mind you I have made quite a few golf purchases this past year, but if I were to add up all purchases I made via this method the total is $174.38 I've earned back.

So what is it that I use?

It is called Acorns, a micro-investment platform that allows you to have an investment account, plan for retirement, or even have an investment checking account. You can invest spare change from purchases, add money yourself, or, my favorite, earn money back from companies just for making a purchase.

So how does this work?

The first thing you do is signup for Acorns. If you use the link I provide Acorns will give you $5 to get started (as of today's date and I can not guarantee that). Once you have an account set up you open either the website or the app and scroll or search for companies in what Acorns calls "Earn More Money." There is a very large list of participating retailers to choose from. Select who you want to purchase from, find your product, make the purchase, and within an estimated 30 days you will get a specific percentage back from that retailer into your Acorns account. There is also a Chrome extension you can install to your browser and any website you visit that partners with Acorns the extension will give you a notification and tell you what they invest back to you. Then you select activate. (screenshot below)

Like the above screenshot and for the purpose of this post let's use TaylorMade Golf as an example. There are several purchases we as golfers make regularly, so let's say you spend $100 for some tees, a glove, and some golf balls. Using Acorns with what TaylorMade currently gives back, you earn 1.5%. Yes, that is only $1.50, however, if you go through gloves like I do and purchase other things throughout the year it all adds up. Besides any money back it better than no money, right? Imagine making several purchases a year or even bigger purchases how it will add up, and that is just TaylorMade Golf. Worldwide Golf Brands is another one that you could purchase golf equipment from and get up to 3% back. There are at least 10 companies that participate for golf apparel, sporting goods stores sunglasses, shoes, and more for just golf-related purchases.

Another thing you are able to do with Acorns is set up savings for your kids. Imagine how much could be put aside from golf purchases over years for them. If you started them at five years old and every purchase was put away for them, while also gaining interest or growing in stocks, that could grow substantially by the time they are fifteen.

Yes, there are fees, however, it is $1 if you are solely an investor like me or up to $5 for a family account per month. You would have to read about the family account as I am single and have no need to look at it, but I do believe it includes all children under a certain age and spouse at no extra charge.

I hope you find this informative and helpful.

If you are interested use this link to get started to be sure Acorns gives you the $5 to start.

*I would also like to note: not all participating partners are actually listed in the Acorns Earn More Money section of their website or app. Many, I can not name here, that I do shop with and receive money from like Worldwide Golf Shops are found through the Chrome extension. Acorns is aware of this and supposedly working to fix it.

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