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How You Can Get Tour Level Training For Your Golf Game.

I am excited to bring you early news of a golf program that will not only change your golf game but also help you play longer and pain-free. You are in a way getting an exclusive sneak peek from a new Golf Nola partner named Golf Forever. Be sure and read through as we will have a special offer for you from Golf Nola toward the end of this post

What is GolfFOREVER?

"GOLFFOREVER is the digital golf exercise program that anyone – regardless of age or fitness level – can use to gain flexibility, strength, distance, and consistency.

GOLFFOREVER prepares your body to play feel-great golf by helping you build flexibility, mobility, and rotational power. You’ll follow new, expert-recommended routines daily that are based on your personal self-assessment, with access to an extensive library of golf fitness videos, pre-round warmups, an ongoing course management series, and more."

The above is from the GolfFOREVER website

I was so excited when I found GolfFOREVER. When I played mini-tour golf this was a concept my personal trainer and I had talked about that could have benefitted both of us at the time. Even though I was doing golf-specific fitness at the time I was stuck doing modified exercises in a golf motion. I also had to use regular gym equipment and did not have a golf-specific training aid that doubles for fitness and my golf swing. This is something the founders, Justin Leonard and Dr. Jeremy James, of GolfFOREVER, were able to figure out.

The training aid alone is fantastic. It comes in a very nice case, with two different ball weights for working on your swing and helping increase your swing speed, and an elastic resistance band for golf-specific fitness. I will do some videos in the very near future on the benefits and how to use this training aid but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to get this news and a special offer to you.

What's Included With Your GolfFOREVER Training Aid.

Before I get to that special offer let me tell you a little more about how the GolfFOREVER program works. You get golf fitness videos, classes, training, and much more. Golf lessons from Justin Leonard, covering every aspect of the game. An expert team of professionals for Yoga, Pain relief, and Orthopedics to name a few. You also get a bunch of member benefits that go along with everything else. If you really want to get a grasp of the power of GolfForever check out this video below and hear from the founders.

Now for your special offer. Purchase the GolfFOREVER training aid today and get free shipping with code GOLFNOLA. That is not all though. For a very limited time, you can also get 3 months of GolfFOREVER for FREE.


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