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Is Fitness Important to Golf?

Golf Fitness is much more important than you may think. Even with the new technology, it is very important to stay in shape if you want to play your best golf. However, golf fitness includes much more than just lifting weights and doing cardiovascular training. You need to focus on specific things that can help you more than if you bulk up or gain incredible endurance.

Most golfers not at professional level neglect the single most important part of your golf fitness. That one thing they neglect is stretching. If the average golfer did nothing for their golf fitness except stretching it would help them immensely. Stretching alone can help more than most other fitness exercises. Being more flexible helps you avoid injury as well as swing the golf club easier. Staying hydrated helps with flexibility.

The top golfers take significant time to work on their flexibility. From yoga and other stretching routines to supplements they take that help their sports performance and their body move with ease. Some top golfers have protein snacks for their rounds and even endorse products they use for free. The one thing they all have in common however that every golfer should do is take 10 - 15 minutes every day before you play or practice to stretch. This will help you loosen up and loose muscles are better for golf than tight muscles.

Fitness is also important in the golf swing in the areas of strengthening for the long-term health of a golfer. Strong back muscles and joints can give a golfer a longer career of playing golf no matter what level of golfer you are. The golf swing is an unnatural move and puts a great amount of torque on the body. The importance of promoting healthy bone and joints in the body through strength exercises and stretching can not be stressed enough.

The other major factor of fitness in golf is to maintain energy levels and stamina. Through proper fitness, you can maintain your energy and stamina that allows you to play a round of golf without feeling tired after twelve or thirteen holes.

Here is a step by step way to get started with golf fitness:

1. Find the right supplements to help get your body ready for the fitness routine you are about to start. This can range from daily vitamins, energy, bone, and joint health, to mental focus. You can get many of these from our sponsor Repp Sports.

2. Start with basic stretching and cardiovascular workouts. This gets the body loose and gets your heart used to being elevated for longer periods of time.

3.Start your workout routine. you should start this off slowly so as not to do any significant injury to yourself. Do not try to do too much right away. Stretching before a workout is just as important as it is before a round of golf. For a list of good workouts visit the Titleist Performance Institute's website.

Understanding how fitness in golf is important and how it can help you play better golf is the first step to not only improving your golf game but your overall health as well. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you do you will see a significant performance difference in your golf game. You should also consider a post-workout recovery supplement for after workouts and after golf to help your muscles recover.

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