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Louisiana Golfing News

Many new and exciting things will be happening for Louisiana golf over the next year and beyond. Yesterday I was privileged and honored to be a part of a meeting on Golf Tourism for Louisiana. Although I am not at liberty to say just yet what changes are coming or who else is a part of this, what I can say is it is all positive for local Louisiana golfers and visitors from other states and countries.

One thing Louisiana has already done is published its own golf guide. Along with the Golf Guide is a new and improved section on the website. It covers golf from all around the state with where golf courses are located and more. You can even find information on what to do in that area outside of golf.

For those of us here in the New Orleans area we will see many benefits and for those of you that are Golf NOLA Members, you will be a part of it. Part of that growth will include new premier events like our New Orleans Cup or, one thing I thought of on the drive back from Baton Rouge yesterday evening, was a team event where golfers get to represent their Louisiana city. (More details will come of that later as we all work out the details and get other cities involved.)

The state of Louisiana has many great golf courses. We should get out more to those different golf courses and support the industry as a whole. Whether it's a day trip to Morgan City to play Atchafalaya at Idlewild or a weekend to Black Bear Golf Club in Delhi we must get out and experience more of Louisiana Golf.

Be on the lookout for more great news about Louisiana Golf and how as a Golf NOLA Member you can have a chance to be a bigger part of it. Not a Golf NOLA Member you can join Free - CLICK HERE

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