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Making The Best Of A Bad Day Of Golf.

We’ve all been there where we are just not having the best day on the golf course. It could be for many reasons from the course conditions to something that bothered you earlier in the day. Maybe your swing is just not performing like normal. Whatever the reason for the “bad” day it does not have to ruin your day of golf.

These tips may help you play better but they are solely for the purpose of still being able to enjoy the day when it’s not going so well. Golf Digest also did a great article 4 Tips To Calm Your Nerves Under Pressure you may like.

Stay positive - The more positive state of mind you have can go a long way in determining the type of day you have. Especially when things are out of your control. If you have no control over something there is no reason to let it put you in a bad mood. This could be a day you show up to the golf course only to find out they have aerified. I know that feeling all too well to show up to a golf course and have no idea they aerified until you reach the first green. There are two ways to approach this. Well actually three if you decide to pack it in and go ask for a refund. You can either get mad about it and let it bother you all day or you can give it the “oh well” I can work on my game today. One will keep you aggravated the whole day and one will have you enjoying your day with a positive out of the situation.

Keep calm no matter what - This one is not as easy depending on what is ruining your day. If it has to do with another group on the golf course remember the first tip, it is out of your control, You may need to take a deep breath, chew some gum or find a way to relax. If it is your swing that is aggravating you then you can try and fix it or change your approach for the day. If you try and fix it you can no longer get frustrated because you are trying to correct something which usually results in a few different results for a while. I would recommend changing your approach and going to a modified shot for the day. For example, when I feel I am swinging bad I will take an extra club and take a three-quarter swing or hit more of a punch shot the whole day. Basically, I am shortening things for more control and not worrying about the distance of each club. This helps me stay in a frame of mind that I have control over what I am doing and how it’s going to make me feel for the day.

Stay distracted - Whatever your reasons for a bad day of golf may be, you can always keep yourself distracted to keep it off your mind and enjoy yourself. If it is something from before you arrived to play golf the best thing you can do is keep having conversations with your golfing partners about anything else. If you are by yourself listen to song music, take pictures or do anything you can think of to distract yourself. This is harder if you are having a bad swing day but if you can distract yourself away from swing thoughts or trying to fix it you can try and forget about what’s going wrong. Many times if you can accomplish this you will notice your swing get better due to not thinking about how to swing. The muscle memory takes over.

Keep it light and laugh a lot - No matter what is going on keep things light. Do not let anything get you worked up. Not a single bad shot or a rude employee. Again many things are out of your control on a golf course. If you did hit a bad shot laugh it off, make a joke about and go on to the next shot. Crack jokes with your group or talk about something besides golf that is a fun subject to every one. The more you do this the harder it is to get upset over a bad swing or the conditions not being what you expected.

I know these tips are some of the “easier said than done things” but golf is supposed to be fun. If you are not having fun then what is the point of being out there. The more you control how your day will go the more you will enjoy golf. Not only do you take a bad day of golf and turn it into a positive but that will carry over into the rest of your day as well.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you have fun playing golf no matter what happens in life or on the golf course that day.

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