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Online Lessons Now Available

As promised I am pleased to announce we have officially announced Golf Nola's Online Golf Lessons. Have your swing analyzed from home. No need to schedule a lesson that may take up your personal time. Just send in a video(s) of your golf swing and I will analyze it and send it back to you with feedback and tips to help you improve your game.

There are a few advantages to having a lesson this way.

  1. Save time and money. There is no need to schedule a time for an in-person lesson. Just go on about your life and have Golf Nola look at your swing and do it at about half the price of an in-person lesson.

  2. Take a video of your swing anywhere. Whether on the golf course, on the driving range, or hitting balls into a net in your backyard does not matter.

  3. More availability for different shot types. Get help from a bunker, a punch shot from under a tree, or around the greens chipping and putting.

  4. Have a video to reference back to at all times, double-check your tips, or just save it to see where you have improved. Many in-person lessons do not include the video or there is an extra fee for it.

How does this work?

The process is very simple.

  • Take a video of your swing whenever you like. Preferably two with one being face-on with the camera facing you and another down-the-line with the camera behind you down your target line.

  • Come back to the Golf Nola Services page to book your lesson.

  • Select the first available booking time to reserve your spot. (booking is only for reserving a spot, and the times are only to limit the number of lessons uploaded each day)

  • Pay for your lesson after reserving your spot.

  • Once you pay you will receive an email receipt with the link to upload your videos.

  • Next, the video is analyzed and sent back to you within 5-10 days. (usually faster)

For a preview of how this works check out the following video. I walk you through how a lesson analysis will go using my own golf swing.

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