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Our New Sponsor Helps Golfers With Energy and Focus.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Yesterday I posted a video on the Golf Nola Facebook page officially welcoming Raze Energy by Repp Sports as a new sponsor. I am excited about this partnership for golfers for two main reasons. Energy and Focus. Two things every golfer needs to play good golf.

Repp Sports offers so much more that can help golfers, like their Pre-Workout, Recovery products, and snacks. However, I wanted to stay focused on the more important things for golfers that help during their rounds. Those main things are the Raze Energy drinks and Energy On The Go packs.

I know what you're thinking. Energy drinks and golf do not mix well together. Normally you'd be right. Most energy drinks give you a boost of energy for a short period with a crash after. They also can make you jittery, which is not good for remaining focused, especially on a golf course. This is due to an overload of sugar in most of those products. Raze Energy has zero sugar with far less sodium. It is also hydrating while their formula allows energy to gradually build and be sustained for a longer period of time. That is also where the focus comes in. That formula is designed to give you crystal focus and mental clarity. You can see the nutritional facts difference between Raze and one of the leading energy during brands in the image below.

The On-The-Go packs are great to bring out on the golf course with you. They mix with water very well and taste just like they do out of the can. That is not always the case with other products. Many times you get a powder taste or the flavor is just not the same. One of the leading sports drinks is the same way. They have a powder that is supposedly the correct mix but the bottle has a much sweeter taste. The On-The-Go packs are also great because you can keep them in your golf bag and not worry about them getting hot or needing to find ice. Just grab a cold water mix and go.

If you would like to try any product from Repp Sports and receive a 15% discount just enter the code GOLFNOLA at checkout.

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