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Playing TPC Louisiana Days After The Zurich Classic Of New Orleans

Playing a golf course within the first couple of days after a PGA Tour event is a great experience. For us in the New Orleans area that means playing TPC Louisiana after the Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

You can get a similar experience playing the weeks leading up to a PGA Tour event, however, many times you do not get the same experience. For one the golf course is usually restricted to cart path only or at least restricted on a few holes each day to maintain conditions for the upcoming event. Also, the green speed is usually not what it would be for the event. The greens are not slow by any means but they are usually slower than speeds for a PGA Tour event. This is to keep the grass from stressing out and to keep those pristine conditions for the event.

When you play the week after the Zurich Classic is over they can maintain the PGA Tour playing conditions for a longer period of time. That includes the speeds on the greens. This allows you to experience what the tour players experienced during the event. If you made it out to watch the Zurich Classic this year you may have noticed and heard the comments that the golf course looks better than in years past. TPC Louisiana looked so green and lush in person and on tv.

The course looked just as amazing as it did during the Zurich Classic. Playing early in the morning with plenty of dew on the ground the start of the round doesn't play as firm and fast from tee to green. However, the greens are plenty firm and super slick. Even if you are a golfer that puts a lot of spin on the golf ball you have to play for a firm first bounce. Putting was like playing on a pool table. This makes playing golf so much fun yet somewhat annoying when you accidentally hit a putt 7ft past the hole.

The only downside about playing golf right after a PGA Tour event is the noise and construction. It's a minor thing but at times it can be very distracting. The grandstands are being taken down, there are tractors and carts running around everywhere, and regular golf course maintenance is out on the golf course. Again it is a minor thing and part of the after-process of hosting a PGA Tour event but can be a distraction to enjoying the golf course. The good thing, however, is you only experience this on a few holes of the golf course. At TPC Louisiana you can play just about the entire front 9-holes without noticing. The de-construction is mainly on the last 3 holes and around the clubhouse as that is where the majority of the grandstands are.

Even with the distractions if you have never experienced an "inside the ropes" feel at a golf course now is the perfect time to get that experience. The rates are pretty reasonable as well. I have played other golf courses right after a PGA Tour event that more than doubled their rate. TPC Louisiana does not do that. Yes, the rate goes up but it is within reason.

Check out the short video showing what it looks like.

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