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Review: TaylorMade Stratus Soft Golf Glove

With my normal TaylorMade Stratus Tech glove out of stock in my size, I had to switch and get try something new. At only a few dollars more the Stratus Soft caught my attention.

I believe the Stratus Soft is a new addition to TaylorMade this year. The price was one thing that got me but it was also in the same line of the glove I had been wearing for a long time. I figured how different could it be. Since I order everything online through TaylorMade I would have to wait to try it on and find out.

Quick note: I order online for two reasons. I receive TaylorMade Rewards Points for every order towards future purchases and they invest a percentage of every purchase into my Acorns account.

I ordered two gloves and delivery was actually pretty quick. Just in time for my next round of golf and to put the glove to the test. First I was surprised at how great the fit was. Even better than my original glove. It felt tight without being constraining. It nearly felt like a second skin. No overlap on the fingertips or bunching between the fingers. The glove also had little to no overhang on the wrist as many gloves do.

The first thing I did going to play golf Sunday was use the glove right away on the driving range to make sure it felt good swinging and gripped to the club properly. I had zero issues and if anything I held on to the club more with this glove. Of course, that is part of a new glove that is not worn out but it just felt like it held better.

Throughout the round, the TaylorMade Stratus Soft held up to my normal wear of a glove. I take it off after every shot and many times this causes a glove to stretch more. There was no stretching that I was aware of. The glove fit just as great at the end of the round as it did out of the packaging. You can see in the picture below there is very little wear on the glove as well. It held up very well for one round. Time will tell how many rounds it will last before replacing.

In short, I highly recommend this glove. It fits how a glove is supposed to fit. The softness is a bonus and the price of $15.99 is pretty good for a quality glove that fits and feels like a $20 glove. I'd also recommend ordering directly from TaylorMade and start enjoying the benefits of their Loyalty Rewards Program.

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