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Some Of The Best Golf Quotes of All Time

When it comes to golf there are many quotes we have all heard. Some we remember as if they were our own and others we remember because of who said them. It doesn't matter what the reasons are that we remember them but as golfers, we relate to them in one way or another. For example, the following quote is one just about every, if not every, golfer can relate to.

Today we decided to put together a list of some of our favorites to share with everyone. Some of these are from famous people and some are unknown.

"Golf Is the Closest Game To The Game We Call Life. You Get Bad Breaks From Good Shots, You Get Good Breaks From Bad Shots. But You Have To Play The Ball As It Lies"

- Bobby Jones

"The Only Thing A Golfer Needs Is More Daylight"

- Ben Hogan

"If You Think It's Hard To Meet New People, Try Picking Up The Wrong Golf Ball"

- Jack Lemmon

"The Best Way To Play Golf Is To Stop Thinking Without Falling Asleep"

- Unknown

"Golf Is Like A Love Affair. If You Don't Take It Seriously It's No Fun; If You Do Take It Seriously It Breaks Your Heart"

- Arthur Daley

"A Good Golf Partner Is One Who's Always A Little Bit Worse Than You Are"

- Unknown

"Golf Is A Compromise Between What Your Ego Wants You To Do, What Experience Tells You To Do, and What Your Nerves Let You Do"

- Bruce Crampton

"Through The Years Of Experience, I Have Found That Air Offers Less Resistance Than Dirt"

- Jack Nicklaus

There are so many golf quotes to choose from, some funny, some serious, and others a mix in between. We know every golfer has their favorites and they may not be listed. These are just some of our favorites and for your enjoyment.

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