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Tips For Playing Golf During the Summer.

These tips are posted every summer as a reminder of what it can be like when playing golf during the summer. In south Louisiana, we are no strangers to hot and humid conditions but that does not mean we can be careless about protecting ourselves when playing golf. These tips can help you enjoy summer golf a bit more.

Many times as golfers we forget some of these things and sometimes it can cause problems with our golf game. No, these tips will not help you play better golf. These tips are more about your physical health and protecting yourself from the sun and heat.

Wear Sunscreen - This is probably the most important tip and usually, the one most golfers forget to do until it is too late. You must protect your skin from getting burnt. Not only for the main reasons of damaging your skin but also sunscreen protects your skin from becoming dehydrated too quickly which can lead to fatigue of the muscles. That will make it more difficult to make a proper golf swing. Additionally, you do not want to get sunburned and then try to play golf again. Sunburn under a shirt that is always moving on your skin, as every shirt does during your golf swing, is irritating and sometimes painful. I recommend a sport sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50. If you prefer to not wear sunscreen or have allergies you can always wear sun protection sleeves or long sleeve polo shirt.

Stay Hydrated - This is another one many golfers disregard. This is very important for a few reasons. Staying hydrated keeps your core temperature cooler and keeps you from sweating out everything you drink. No, it does not stop you from sweating but it will keep you from sweating buckets. Staying hydrated also keeps your body from fatigue and getting weak from the heat. When your body gets fatigued your golf swing will suffer and you do not want that. Another reason is mental focus. Dehydration will cause you to lose focus on any task you are doing. When you lose focus during physical activity such as golf it will affect your performance and could lead to an accident. Weakness and loss of balance can occur from severe dehydration. Also as you dehydrate your eyes dehydrate and make it slightly more difficult to focus on a target or judge distance. Although drinking water is good you should try and drink something that will replace the electrolytes you lose from sweating. As fun a time as many have drinking beer on the golf course you really should try to avoid it during the Summer. Or at least limit it and have extra water between each beer.

Wear Breathable Golf Apparel - Breathable golf apparel can keep your body temperature cooler as it allows air to get through. That type of apparel the majority of the time is also moisture-wicking allowing the sweat to wick off your body and not stick to you. Many brands have material like this. For example here is the description for our Golf Nola, Adidas Climalite Polo - (A classic polo available in a wide range of colors. This polo will keep you cool even on the hottest days. The moisture-wicking technology sweeps sweat away from your body, moving it to the surface of the fabric, where it’s quickly evaporated.) A good breathable hat is also a good idea. I personally prefer a structured mesh back hat. Yes, you may still sweat but the mesh back allows any breeze to blow through the mesh and keep your head cooler than if you had a full hat on.

Stay Covered When You Can - This is more for those Summer days when it gets really hot and temperatures are in the high 90s. Mostly a hat will do to keep at least your head covered from the heat but when you can stay in the shade of the golf cart or under a tree. If you prefer to walk use your umbrella to keep shade on you. This is partially the same effect as keeping yourself cool. The shade will keep you from overheating and additionally, the shade will protect you from the blaring sun.

Protect Your Eyes - All golfers should wear sunglasses or at least have a pair with them during every round of golf. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays they can shield your eyes from wind and dust. Those that wear contact lenses should never play golf without some kind of sunglasses or protective eyewear. The sun is bright and can make it hard to see, the wind can dry out your eyes, and small particles from trees or bunkers could possibly get into your eye. If you want high-end quality without the high-end price, I recommend Tifosi Sunglasses with the Golf Enliven Lenses. Tifosi also has plenty of quality pairs for different budgets. Everything on the Tifosi site is under $100 and as low as $25.

We hope you found these tips useful and helpful. As a side tip also keep an eye on your playing partners. Make sure they are taking the necessary precautions as well. Many people do not realize when they are getting too dehydrated or getting too much sun. As a playing partner, you can look for signs and protect them. Encourage your playing partners to stay hydrated. When you put on your sunscreen offer them some. Ask them if they want water when you get one.

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