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Tips To Keeping Your New Years Golf Resolution

At the start of every new year, many people make resolutions to change, improve, or do more of something. Let's face it, many golfers do the same thing. For some, it is to get out and simply play more golf. For others, it is to improve their game and take lessons.

No matter what your 2023 golf goals are here are some tips that will help you see them through.

Want to play more golf? - There are to ways you can achieve this goal. First mark days on your calendar for golf the same as you would block time for a business meeting or event. If you gola is to play 2 rounds a month or once a week a lot a specific day on your calendar for golf. Obviously we know family obligations and weather can have an affect but if you say every Wednesday is dedicated for golf on your calendar then you know to plan and schedule around those days. Do not change the days too often or say "I'll push this week back a day." Keep to it as if it is an important day. The second way is to join a club if you can afford it. It is proven fact that when people pay for something they tend to use it more. By joining a club you will want to utilize it and not waste your money. This will give you plenty of reason to play more golf.

Want to take Lessons? - The best way to ensure you follow through on lessons is to purchase them up front. Just like above with joining a club when something is paid for you will tend to use it more. at most golf courses lessons can be bought in series. Many times this willalso save you money. Let's say an individual lesson on average is $80 per hour. If you pre-pay for a series of 5 lessons you may get them for about $60 per lesson saving you $100. This all depends on the golf professional and which golf course property you choose. This is also something you want to schedule on your calendar. Block out one day a month or one day every other week as your days for lessons.

Get Into Golf Fitness? - The beginning of every year sees an influx of new gym memberships. Sadly the statistics of people that use them are very low. It is somewhere around 20% of those that purchase a gym membership at the beginning of the year actually keep it past 3 months. The good thing with golf fitness is you do not have to join a gym. You can find a certified golf fitness instructor like at Guidry Golf and Sport with hands on training. Or you can purchase specific equipment like a GolfFOREVER training aid and program. The best thing about the GolfFOREVER program is you can do it from anywhere, whether you are home or in a hotel traveling. Both ways, however, will evaluate your fitness level and get you a stronger golf swing with a goal of playing with chance at injury.

Become a Better Player Without Lessons? - Although we suggest a golf instructor for this there are ways to improve without taking more lessons. The emphasis here should be on short game. Get a training aid like a SKLZ Putting Mat or SKLZ Chipping Net to practice at home. Go to a driving range often and work on distance control with the wedges. Use alignment sticks when necessary and practice with a purpose. Set aside a minimum of 1hr each day you want to practice and mark it on your calendar for the days and times you wish to practice, even if at home. This way when that day comes you already have that time set aside for a specific reason. The key here is repetition.

Those are just a few ways. You may notice we mention using your calendar often. This is to block out the times specific to golf as you would for other important events. We have found when golfers do this they have a tendency to follow through with their goals. When its blocked on the calendar other things get scheduled around it. When it is not marked people will book a meeting or something else and not treat their golf goal as something important. It always becomes the dreaded "I'll do that next week" and next week never happens because golf is not prioritized on specific days.

Another great way that helps is to partner with a golf buddy, a spouse, or family member that is looking to do the same things you want to accomplish. This way you can motivate each other toward your goal. This is especially helpful for golfer that want to get out and play more. If both of you pick a few days each month and mark it on your calendars then you both know you have an event scheduled and those days are specific for that.

We know life happens and some things are out of our control, like family and weather, but if you plan, schedule, and prioritize your golf goal you will follow through and achieve that goal. Unless you goal is to improve and become a certain handicap or skill level for an upcoming competition, do not put an end date on the goal. Just increase the goal. If your goal is to get better and you say you want to be a 5 handicap by x date one of two things could happen. You either improve to that goal and then stop doing what got you there or you don't reach that goal by your date and get discouraged. If your goal is to improve just keep improving. If your goal was to play 2x a month and you got to that by alotting days on your calander then just add one more or keep them on your calander forever.

We wish everyone all the best in their 2023 golf goals and we wish you many birdies, eagles, Aces and low scores.

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