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Top 5 Golf Balls For 10+ Handicap Golfers

With so many golf balls on the market, it can be a challenge to find a good ball to play that will benefit your game and not break the bank. We will have some price comparison at the bottom of this post.

We put together a list of the best golf balls for the mid to high handicappers based on playability, performance, and price. We recommend these balls based on personal experience and not just some "what's hot" list. Also, every ball here can be played by Men, Women, and juniors.

1. Bridgestone Tour B RX - This ball is for the player that wants the Tour performance that the best tour players get, but is specifically designs for higher handicap players and those that do not have a tour swing speed over 105mph. Just like the regular B series ball that the top players play the RX series also comes in an RXS. The RXS is in a sense the same ball Tiger Woods plays just dialed back for the average golfer. The other great thing as with all Bridgestone balls is the patented seamless cover. This makes for a better-balanced ball, keeping the core in the center, which helps for straighter shots and putts that will roll true regardless of how you like to line it up. One downside this ball has is that it is the same price as the Regular B series Tour Ball. It is very worth it for the playability, but sometimes you can find a previous year's model on Amazon.

2. TaylorMade Project A - This is a truly great golf ball for amateur golfers. Designed for distance and a soft feel at a great price point. Available just under $30 from Amazon and just under $35 directly from TaylorMade Golf. The Project A golf ball has also become one of the most popular balls that courses use when renting clubs to guests. This is due to its playability and price point. This is a great ball for a 5 handicap of a 35 handicap.

3. Titleist Tour Soft - Similar to the TaylorMade Project A the Titleist Tour Soft is designed for distance, forgiveness, and feel around the greens. Although Titleist had been on the market for a long time this is one of the first times they have made a budget-friendly golf ball that had tour performance capabilities. Yes, they have had others on the market in years past, but they always seemed to fall short in some area or another. This one they go right

4. TaylorMade Tour Response - This is truly a golf ball for the 15+ handicap golfer that wants a soft feel. The TaylorMade Tour Response is also one of the most durable balls on the market. The day we tried it was not a great round and it took a beating on cart paths and from many trees with barely a scratch on it. With a price in the mid $30 range, it's a good bang for your buck.

5. Bridgestone E6 - This is a true Amateur golf ball. The E6 is designed to reduce side spin to hit the ball straighter. Straighter also equals longer, but the more important thing is straighter equals in play and being in play leads to lower scores. Somehow Bridgestone still managed to keep a soft feel on the cover as well. This is probably the most friendly golf ball for beginners and those golfers that only play once or twice a year at their company outing. Even though the E6 was already woman-friendly Bridgestone managed to come out with a woman-specific E6 Lady available in white and pink.

Compare pricing from our Affiliate pricing below:

We would like to add that both TaylorMade Golf and Bridgestone Golf have the best online ball selector/ball fitting tools that you can use to find the right ball for your game. Just answer a few questions about your game and they give you an immediate recommendation. No signing up or waiting for an email response.

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