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Walking vs Riding, Which Is Better For Your Golf Game?

Recently I have had conversations with some friends about the difference between walking vs riding while playing golf. These conversations went beyond the obvious health benefits of walking. They brought up the question, can you play better golf when walking or when riding in a golf cart?

There is no simple answer as it depends on the individual golfer but in general, walking will allow you to play better. You probably will not see a difference in the score but you will notice a difference in the quality of the round. So let's take a look at some advantages of both walking and riding.

Advantages of walking -

Pace Of Play

With all things being equal walking will give you a better pace of play and is faster. The main reason for this is due to everyone in the group goes to their own ball. No driving the cart back and forth.

Quality of Golf Shots

Due to the pace of play you can establish, the time between shots allows for you to calm yourself after a bad shot and keep you from playing too quickly. Two things that help you hit better golf shots

Health Benefits

One of the more obvious benefits of walking is the cardio workout you get. This is good for your heart and great exercise for your legs.

Reducing Stress

This goes along with the previous two advantages. Walking will help you reduce overall stress as well as stress-related to golf. Again this is due to the time it takes between shots to get things off your mind.

Better Interaction With Other Golfers

As long as your whole group is walking you can have better conversations with the group. When you walk down the fairway together the entire group is involved with the conversation.

No Restrictions

Walking leaves you free to go anywhere on the golf course and have every club with you for every shot selection. You can enter those cart-restricted areas at all times. Walking is especially better on those cart paths only days.

Advantages of Riding In A golf Cart -

Generally Faster

As long as you do not spend too much time back and forth from your golf ball and your riding partner's ball a cart, in general, will speed up play.


Obviously, the seats are more comfortable than being on your feet for 4-hours but a cart also gives you some shade from the sun, and the breeze created while moving can help keep you cool in warmer weather. The cart also bears the weight of your golf bag.

Sand Bottles For Divots

When walking it is hard to grab a sand bottle. You either have to put one in a pocket in your bag or you don't grab one. With a cart you have the sand with you and can help maintain the golf course conditions. This only works however for those of us that actually use the sand bottles.

More Storage Space

Golfers sometimes have many extra things with them. A golf cart gives you the space for those things. Also given that the storage is open you can easily access things like a rangefinder without digging into a pocket on your golf bag.

Drinks and Cooler Space

​Many golf carts now have a cooler on them so you can keep drinks cold. That also gives you room for more than just one bottle of water. Even if you have a bag with the so-called cooler packet you can only fit so much.

There are some disadvantages to each as well but I am keeping it positive and sticking with the advantages. However, I will mention that walking for us here in the New Orleans area can be quite exhausting and almost dangerous in the summer heat of July and August. Now that the weather is getting cooler will you get out and walk while playing golf more?

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