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What Makes One Golf Course Worth Playing Over Another?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I just spent some time over the Labor Day weekend in Alexandria. I went to see one of my best friends, New Orleans native and former NFL Patriots player, Maurice Hurst, to talk business and play golf. I bring up Maurice directly because Golf Nola's next giveaway, at the end of September, will be a round of golf for two with him, or another former NFL player, and myself at TPC Lousiana to be played at a date in October. Check out Maurice's Linktree with all his social media links -

Besides the conversation, I had with Maurice I also received a text from another friend asking a similar question. Her question was based on seeing a post I put on my social media. Asking why I always seem to play the same courses a lot and what determines what course I play.

What Makes One Golf Course Worth Playing Over Another?

I look at three main things when I decide to play a golf course. They are also the reason why I would play certain golf courses more often than others. Those are:

Staff Friendliness - This is probably the most important thing for me. I would rather play at a $30 golf course where I feel welcomed than a course that charges $90 where the staff is kind of rude. When the staff is welcoming, friendly, or even makes you feel like family it just adds enjoyment to your day. Many golf courses will give you this feeling and it makes for a more memorable experience. Those courses will make you want to come back often. On the other hand, there are some golf courses I avoid or rarely play at because there is an unwelcoming feeling.

Consistent Conditions - Conditions are always a factor for many golfers when picking a golf course. Consistency or knowing what the playing conditions will be every time I play is a huge factor for me. There are some golf courses you go to and they are near tour conditions one time, then the next time you go it's like their whole maintenance crew took a month's vacation. This is one time when the price is a slight factor. When a golf course is asking a green fee over $50 but you never know what conditions you will get when you get there it's difficult to say the green fee is worth it. It makes it like a golf course asking for the full rate a day after they aerified their greens.

Practice Facilities - This is not something every golfer cares about and there is nothing wrong with that. I personally like a golf course that has good practice facilities. At a minimum this means a full grass driving range and putting green. If a course has a chipping green or a designated short game area that is a bonus. Golf courses that have great practice facilities I like to take advantage of and get there early to work on my game. This is one of the reasons you may see me at TPC Louisiana or Links On The Bayou more often than other golf courses.

When multiple golf courses meet my criteria I then look at the drive time and food and beverage options. If I am deciding on a golf course over an hour's drive then I look to see if they have a locker room with a shower. If they do I bring a change of clothes to be fresh on the drive home. Sometimes it comes down to the layout of a golf course when all things are equal. I may want to walk and some courses are longer between holes than others.

Price is rarely a factor when deciding where to play however there are some golf courses where the price they are asking does not match the product they are offering. That is when I will consider if it is worth it. Just because a golf course is in good condition does not always make it worth the price. I have been to golf courses asking the same prices as another in the area that hosts a PGA Tour event. Without the tour quality layout and prestige, those golf courses are overcharging.

How Do You Determine Which Golf Course You Play?

  • Price

  • Conditions

  • Staff Friendliness

  • Practice Facilities

You can vote for more than one answer.

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