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Why Golf Fitness Is Important

Let's face it, the golf swing is the most unnatural movement your body can make. This puts a lot of pressure on the back, spine, and knees. If you do not take care of your body through the years of playing golf then your body will break down and you may develop back issues or knee issues. This is why the best golfers in the world train to try and prevent these issues from happening.

Just to be clear golf fitness is not bulking up like Bryson DeChambeau or anything close to it. It is a way to strengthen your body in an attempt to prevent injury. This can be done regardless of your age, gender, or handicap as well. Golf fitness is a way to strengthen your golf muscles for longevity and pain-free golf.

Of course, if you are just looking to gain more distance in your golf game, golf fitness can go a long way in helping do that. Since I got back into golf fitness using the GolfFOREVER program and swing trainer I have regained about 30yards of distance on average in the past 7-months. I went from an average of 254 to 281 off the tee. I tracked a handful of drives using my scoring app The Grint (pictured below, kept a shot from old average, bottom quartile, then tracked new shots). If I tracked more shots I may see that my average may actually be higher. I have noticed I am hitting less club into greens at the same courses I was playing before getting back into golf fitness. For example hole number 4 at TPC, from the Tour Tee, I am averaging hitting a 7-iron now when I was averaging a 4-iron into that green last year.

If you are new to golf fitness there are many ways to get started. However, I only suggest two. You can either do a program like GolfFOREVER at home with the help of coaching videos and support or you can see a golf fitness professional in person. This second option is the best for those not just new to golf fitness but somewhat new to fitness period. It is also a great way to start young and work your way up to an at-home program that you can take anywhere. There is only one person in the greater New Orleans area that does this. Go see my friend Dr. John Paul Guidry at Guidry Golf and Sport. Dr. Guidry works with some of the best amateur golfers in the region and will customize programs to fit a specific golfer's needs.

Golf fitness is one of those things that you won't realize you have been missing until you get into it. Once you experience hitting the ball longer, playing without pain, and playing longer you may find yourself wondering why you didn't start sooner. Do yourself and your golf game a favor and get started now.

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