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Why You Should Try a Lower Compression Golf Ball During The Fall and Winter.

As we get into late fall and winter approaching the game of golf changes. Some courses overseed to keep the grass green changing the playing turf while others just let the course "brown out" and play as is. No matter how your course changes the one thing all courses have in common is the colder weather. Check out the post from last week, Does Colder Weather Affect Your Golf Game.

Since we all know colder weather has an effect on your golf game and there are many ways to combat it, one of the best things you can try is a lower compression golf ball. Don't switch to just any lower compression golf ball either. Try and stick to one that is the same as the regular golf ball you play. Just about every company does this. For example, I play the Bridgestone Tour BXS and during cold weather, I switch to the Bridgestone Tour RXS. Most of the top brands such as Taylormade and Titliest also make golf balls that are lower compression versions of their premium golf balls. Their main reasons are for golfers with slower swing speeds to have top-performing golf balls but it is a very effective switch for colder temperatures.

Here are three reasons to give a lower compression golf ball a try this winter.

  1. Distance - colder air is heavier and also makes the golf ball hard to compress. Although you can't do much about the heavier air you can at least change how much you compress the golf ball to stay closer to your normal warmer weather distances. Being able to compress the golf ball more allows for greater ball speed which is one factor in the distance a golf ball flies.

  2. Accuracy - When a golf ball is too hard for your golf swing it will spin more off of the clubface. More spin can lead to less accurate shots. When you use a lower compression golf ball it stays on the clubface longer and therefore will be more accurate. However, just like normal conditions, this is dependant on each individual golfer's swing.

  3. Consistency - You will most likely have more layers of clothes on and that will restrict your golf swing a bit and you will not be able to swing at your normal swing speed. Being able to compress a golf ball in colder weather will allow you to play golf with a level of consistency from shot to shot. Spin rates, distance, and how the ball reacts on the green will be nearly the same on every golf shot. You will still have to make some adjustments but you can make those adjustments easier when you are more consistent between shots.

One thing to remember is you will need to adjust depending on the temperature. Switching to a lower compression ball is not a single answer. This is especially true as temperatures drop below 50°. You may need a lower compression golf ball while taking 2-clubs extra to make up for the distance you hit each club. Of course, it also depends on where you live, the humidity level, and elevation. You will have to find your sweet spot when it comes to winter golf.

It is also worth noting the Taylormade Tour Response and the Wilson Duo Soft+ golf balls are really good low compression golf balls even for those with a swing speed over 105mph.

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