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3 Reasons To Attend The Zurich Classic of New Orleans

There are actually more than 3 reasons to attend the 2023 Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Today however we are just going to break down the top 3 reasons.

The Zurich Classic has a long-standing history on the PGA Tour. Professional golf in New Orleans started in 1931 but didn't become an annual event until 1958. Many great names have played here and many first-time winners have gone on to accomplish much in their PGA Tour careers. Zurich has been a great partner and title sponsor of the event as well as a great ambassador for golf in New Orleans. They have helped grow the tournament to what we have today.

With that said here are 3 reasons to attend the 2023 Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

  1. This is the only professional golf tournament left in the entire state of Louisiana. Yes, there are some min=tour events, such as the APT Tour, in Louisiana but when we talk about the top tours the Zurich Classic is all that's left. The PGA Tour pulled the two Korn Ferry Tour events that used to be held in Lafayette and Lake Charles. Our support goes a long way in ensuring the Zurich Classic sticks around for many years.

  2. We started the party. Yes, Scottsdale throws a party on a single hole like no other however our party here is the entire week and the entire golf course. We also have some of the best food in the world at various locations during the event. Not only during the event but also after the conclusion of play on the weekend. Live bands and more food go into the night. On Sunday the winners may even make an appearance and party with everyone else on Sunday evening. Rember Jerry Kelly getting on the stage and taking shots? As far as we know things like that do not happen at other events. We are not saying it doesn't we just have not heard of it. Or at least it doesn't make national news like it does from the Zurich Classic.

  3. 3. Support a local charity. The force behind the Zurich Classic has been the Fore Kids Foundation since 1958. Their mission of helping kids through golf is their passion. They help kids in so many ways, like healthcare, education, and pursuing their dreams. To date, the Fore Kids Foundation has raised $45 Million to help kids. Your attendance through a ticket purchase, and buying food or drinks go a long way in helping the Fore Kids Foundation give back and help more kids.

The Zurich Classic has been a favorite amongst many players as well. They come here for the food, take a fishing trip during the week, or many bring the family to take in a swamp tour, the WWII museum, or the many other things we have to do in the area. There are many players that will stay the weekend even if they miss the cut just to experience all that the New Orleans area has to offer.

How about one more reason? With TPC Louisiana being a public golf course you can watch professionals on a course you can play. See where they hit shots and compare it to your game. It can always be fun to watch and sometimes be able to say, "I normally play that hole better than (pro) did.

Get your tickets and be sure to attend one of the best and most fun events, outside a Major, for a PGA Tour event. Oh, and you get to see some really great golf while there.

**Golf Nola is not affiliated with the Zurich Classic, Fore Kids Foundation, or Zurich North America in any way.**

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