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3 Reasons To Go Play Golf Alone

First, when I say go play golf alone I mean getting a tee time for yourself. You may play as a single or you may be paired with some other golfers. Many golfers only play with a group and feel odd or scared to go play alone. There are benefits to planning to go play by yourself. Whichever way it may work out for you there are benefits to showing up as a single golfer. Here are the three top reasons you want to do so from time to time.

1 - Learn More About Your Game:

If you end up playing as a single you can learn a lot about your game while on the course by yourself. Learn how your rhythm and tempo are alone. Do you have the same pre-shot routine? Do you take more time reading greens? You may find yourself moving along with a slightly slower rhythm on your shots (not your pace of play) and playing better. If you do then you just learned that you let others dictate your shot rhythm. Maybe you find yourself putting better by taking a few extra practice strokes or reading the putt a bit more. These are all things to pay attention to and if you do you will learn a great deal about your game.

2 - Good For Practice:

If you end up playing as a single golfer you can try a shot a second time or hit an extra putt. Most of the time if you are out there by yourself you are not in danger of holding anyone up or you take your time behind a group without playing through. This allows you to retry bad shots or practice from some difficult situations. This is especially helpful if you play the same course routinely. There may be a hole you find difficult and keep ending up in a trouble spot. You can practice the flop over a bunker or practice an extra shot from a layup area to test your wedge game. However you go about it, as long as you are not holding up a group, doing so you can practice things on a golf course that you can not practice on the driving range or while you are with a group.

3 - Make New Friends:

This is probably the best reason to go play golf alone. You can meet so many great people on a golf course. You can meet people from all around the world and from different backgrounds. Golf is a fun, challenging game regardless of who you are. You can make lifelong friends, make new business connections, or even end up meeting your future spouse. I personally have met some great people. Golfers from around the globe, celebrities, people who have invited me to play exclusive courses, and professional athletes. Many of whom I now consider good, lifelong friends. Even if you meet people you may never see again there is a great chance you will still have a good time and consider those golfers friends while out on the golf course.

If you rarely play golf alone or never have go give it a shot. You may find it surprisingly satisfying and rewarding.

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