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3 Things Every Golf Course Should Do and How It Can Improve New Orleans Golf.

Lately, I have had quite a few concerning conversations about golf in the New Orleans area. I'm hearing more and more golfers being upset or speaking negatively about golf in the New Orleans area.

Although there are many reasons I have heard, some things stuck out that lead me to wonder what could every golf course do to improve this negative outlook. With only 18 public golf courses within an hour of downtown New Orleans, golfers can end up with limited options sometimes. So I got to thinking about what I heard and how every golf course can help New Orleans golf be seen in a more positive light.

First I was thinking about what golf was like when I lived in Florida and what golf courses in other areas do that make them talked about positively. Course conditions aside I looked at what those areas do and what as of now it appears many courses in the New Orleans area do not do. It really all comes down to communication for the most part. However, that is only 2 of the 3 things I am going to talk about.

  1. Website(s) - Many golf courses I have played in other states, especially in Florida all have an active website with a calendar of events. This calendar has their tournament schedule, course closures, as well as their maintenance schedule posted on their website. This allows golfers to always know when the course is available and what the conditions might be. Every golf course around the world should have this posted on their website but that is not the only part. Many have a section for a blog to stay updated on news and other things going on at the club. Many also have a course overview with either yardage-book-style pictures of each hole or video flyovers. Some go as far as to have pro tips on how to play each hole.

  2. Social Media/Email - Many courses I have played along the southeast are very active on social media. They post something almost daily. It may be a picture of the course with the weather for the day, letting golfers know there are tee times available, or about an upcoming event. Whatever it may be they post a lot so you are always aware of what is happening on the property. They are also active with emails. It may be about tee times daily or weekly, holiday specials, a monthly calendar of events and maintenance, welcoming a new staff member, or something going on in the grill. Some go further, and this is something TPC Louisiana actually does, is they will email you the morning of your tee time and let you know the conditions and pin location for the day. Many also email you after the round to take a brief survey.

  3. Host Events - I'm not talking about charity events here. When I say host events I mean ones that keep locals involved with the golf course. It could be a simple weekly league but may be more along the lines of monthly golf clinics, or wine and food tastings. Some have done NFL game day events like, wear your favorite team jersey and get a percentage off golf or a complimentary drink. I've even seen some golf courses do a Monday night game event with a putting contest at halftime. Imagine trying to hole a putt with only a glow stick letting you know where the hole is. The point is many golf courses in other areas do things to keep local golfers involved.

Please do not take this the wrong way. I am not saying anything bad about golf courses in the New Orleans area. I am only mentioning things, that in my opinion, can make New Orleans golf courses better and get New Orleans golf, in general, talked about more positively. Some of the courses in the New Orleans area already do some great things. Some have weekly or monthly events and some are active on social media. I just think they could add some key things to what they already do great.

One of the reasons I started Golf Nola was to help grow golf in the New Orleans area. I love golf here and I truly believe golf can be wildly successful here. Even from a tourism perspective, I believe we could be considered a golf destination. A place where golf is the main reason golfers come here and everything else, like the French Quarter, is a secondary reason. When I start hearing negativity and that golfers would rather drive an hour plus out of the area to play golf it bothers me. (I will dig into that and find out why that is and do another post on that at a later date.) I want golf to thrive here and that is something every local golfer can also help out with. Support local golf, give the courses feedback (good or bad), share their social media post, and get/stay involved.

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