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3 Things To Consider When Buying New Golf Clubs

This is the time of year that many golfers purchase new clubs. The club manufacturers recently released their newest models and the golf season for many is just getting started. Companies like Worldwide Golf Shops have their new inventory as well.

So what should you consider when buying a new set of golf clubs? If you decide to not go through a custom fitting, which we recommend, then here are 3 main things you should consider.

  1. The look of the club - The golf clubs have to have a look you enjoy looking at. If the clubhead is too small and you see it that way it can lead to bad golf shots as a result. When you look at a clubhead you do not like it will mentally make you think you have to alter your swing to hit them.

  2. The weight - This is important for all golfers. The heavier the club the harder it is to swing. This is overall and the clubhead. You want to feel the clubhead on the end of the shaft but you don't want it to be so heavy it feels like it's hanging on a feather. The same goes for the shaft. You don't want a club that is overall heavy where you cant feel the clubhead. Also if a club is to heavy for a golfer it makes it harder to create clubhead speed. Find clubs that feel right in your hands and are not like swinging a sledgehammer.

  3. The feel - Although feel is a factor in the weight this is about how it feels when you hit a golf ball. Does it feel clanky, like a rock, or soft? This is a personal preference but whichever you like make sure at that moment of impact with a golf ball it has a feel you want.

It is best to at the very least buy clubs after you get a chance to hit them and make sure it is exactly what you are comfortable with. The more comfortable you are with your golf clubs the more confidence you have when playing and more confidence can lead to lower scores. We do recommend going through a club fitting at a place like Club Champion but we know everyone does not have the time or money for that plus a new set of golf clubs. Just remember these 3 main things and you will be better off than just grabbing a favorite brand straight off the rack.

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