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What Does Black Friday Mean For Golf?

To most people, Black Friday just means deals on shopping. However, with online shopping, the traditional Black Friday is not the same. Many companies already have Black Friday sales going on and eliminate the need to physically go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday for golfers really is not much different. The biggest difference is that we golfers will want to take advantage of the Black Friday deals for ourselves while others use Black Friday as a day to do some Christmas shopping for others. Although golfers could do both we really just want to get the things we would normally buy, that cost us so much all year, at a sale price. For example, this could be a good time to stock up on golf gloves or tees for next year. It may also be an opportunity to get some golf apparel you've had your eye on. Like the more expensive "rain gear". Personally I have had my eye on the Turtelson Riggs Water Resistant Quarter Zip Pullover (shown below) from the Golf Nola Shop.

For the golf industry, Black Friday typically means the busiest golf day of the year. With more people having off work on Black Friday there are more golfers looking to play golf somewhere. Usually, if you do not make a tee time 3-5 days ahead of time you will not be able to get on any golf course. This is also the case at private clubs as well. Looking at a few online golf course tee sheets for today or even on Golf Now there are already a good number of tee time slots missing.

The only golfers who have any issues on Black Friday are those that many golf as a single. Even as a single golfer it is recommended to call ahead a few days. Some golf courses may be able to book you with a group of 3 or they will put you on a singles list and ask that you be on property by a certain time. Either way, you may have to wait for a spot to open from a no-show or cancelation. The reasoning for the list is that even when groups book for 3 golfers they sometimes bring a 4th and as a single, you may be asked to wait. Some golf courses will be strict and not let the extra golfer play and give you the spot but that is rare. The main reason however golf courses use a list is so they can book as many groups of 4 as possible and then put the single golfers in as they can in the order they called or checked in at the property.

Be sure and book those tee times early and be sure and check every website of your favorite golf products for deals.


Here are a few Black Friday deal examples from our partners.

Tifosi Optics Sunglasses - Up to 30% Off Sitewide of what we consider the best high-end sunglasses without the high-end prices. Tifosi also has the best lens for golfers which helps golfers see contours and colors better. The Enliven Golf Lens is truly a game-changer.

"Enliven color enhancing lenses take dull colors in the environment and enhance them for sharper visual acuity. This provides easier reading of the greens with clearer detail. Better surveying of the contours of the golf course. Clearer tracking of your ball in flight with better contrast against the sky"

GolfFOREVER - $30 off a swing trainer or $100 off the swing trainer+ App bundle. With the app bundle, you get access to a customized fitness routine based on your goals and access to a ton of other content such as golf tips from Justin Leonard and other top professionals. Additionally, any swing trainer purchase between November 15th and 28th has an opportunity to win an autographed Scottie Scheffler Masters Flag + 1 swing trainer system to gift to a friend. You can get Free shipping and a travel case using our code: GOLFNOLA

Full Swing Golf - The Full Swing Kit portable launch monitor is trusted by Tiger Woods and John Rahm. Although we are not at liberty to say what they are releasing to the public on Monday, November 20th, we can say it is a big deal. However, we already have a great deal you can get. With our code, you can save $250 and get E6 simulator software ($750 value) for Free. That means you can make your golf practice more fun at home or on the range. That is the same software that allows you to virtually play St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, and other great golf courses around the world. For the Free software and $250 off use Code: GOLFNOLA


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