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A Day At The Zurich Classic of New Orleans

This was supposed to be a recap of rounds 1 & 2 of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, however, due to the weather for round two I decided not to go. That said, round 1 was awesome and the weather was perfect for a day of watching professional golf.

View From Hole #1

I have been to many PGA Tour events, including the Masters. I may have some bias being a native New Orleanian but the Fore Kids Foundation puts on the best event when it comes to tour stops. The Masters really can not be compared when it comes to history and prestige or their incredible pricing on food and beverages but one thing they do great is also what the Fore Kids Foundation members do. When at the Masters every member is recognizable by their jackets. They are all very approachable, friendly, and helpful. Minus the distinct jackets, members of the Fore Kids Foundation do the same for the Zurich Classic. Something I have never experienced at any other tour event or any professional event for that matter.

The main thing that stands out at the Zurich Classic is the local food. Whether you have grounds tickets or are in a suite there is amazing food all over the golf course. From a simple hot dog, hamburger, or sausage dog, to a shrimp pasta bowl or grilled oysters there is plenty to find.

Other than the food to me the best thing about attending the Zurich Classis is due to the golf course layout of TPC Louisiana. There are so many ways to get across the golf course to various spots that you simply can not do at some other events. Take Bay Hill for example. With the exception of a few holes, most of the golf course winds its way through a neighborhood. That means you have very few ways to cut across the golf course to see multiple groups. At TPC Louisiana you can easily watch a group on the front nine then cut across and see another group on the back nine. Something I did many times to see groups that teed off at the same time on opposite sides of the golf course.

Topping it off is a wonderful, yet simple souvenir shop and the Tito's 19th hole where the party continues with a live band after the final putts drop on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the photos and videos from the day below. One of the non-golf highlights was all the baby alligators we saw in just about every pond on the golf course. Zurich Classic Tickets are still available to enjoy a wonderful weekend.

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