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Another New Feature Planned for 2021

How many times have you wanted to play a specific golf course one day only to find they are closed to outside play while hosting a charity event?

An Event Calendar is planned for

We want to bring to you a way to see what all courses in the area have going on. A way for you to find a charity scramble to play in or to know what courses will be occupied on a specific day.

This will not be an easy endeavor, but it will be worth it. We will work as best as we can with each golf course listed on our courses page and do our best to make sure we get updated and accurate information from each one.

Our plan is to have as much information as possible from each golf course. Our goal is to have the following for each:

  • Aerification Dates

  • Charity Tournaments (with details and links if open to public play)

  • Private Events (Days the course will be closed to outside play)

  • Club Demos Days

  • Clinics / Lessons

We believe this will be a great service to not just golfers, but to each course as well. Courses will be able to view the calendar and coordinate their effort so they will not all be closed to outside play on the same day if they so choose.

We will get working on this immediately, but we do not expect to have all courses added until possibly as late as March 2021. Please be patient as we put this together and we will do a post update each month with who we were able to add.

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