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Course Review: Oak Harbor Golf Club

When the December weather is sunny and temperatures are in the low 70's there is only one thing to do, play golf.

I decided to go to Oak Harbor Golf Club for this round. A course I always enjoy and do not play as often as I would like.

Oak Harbor is one of the best design layouts around. Not long by today's standards, but still, a good challenge, especially when the wind is blowing. Yesterday the wind was barely a whisper. A near-perfect day for golf.

As always the staff at Oak Harbor is super friendly. From the time you walk in the door to check-in, getting a beverage in the grill at the turn, to the time you leave someone is always greeting you with a huge smile.

Oak Harbor also boasts one of the better practice facilities in the area. A full range, practice putting green, and two chipping greens, although to be honest the one with a practice bunker looks a little like it has been neglected. Understandable as that would be the last thing in the budget to maintain.

Yes if you watch the video below, the course does not look like it's in the best of shape. Truthfully it is not. There are many areas where dirt is eroding, or grass is not growing, however, the vast majority of them are not really in play. The fairways were in good shape, the rough was what you'd expect for December all making the golf course very playable. The only obstacle on a few holes during this round was standing water in some areas.

The greens were in good shape and the ball was rolling well. I only had one issue with the greens during the round and it was nothing Oak Harbor or Mother Nature did either. The obscene amount of ball marks was ridiculous. When I say ridiculous, I estimate there were easily 15, fresh from earlier in the day, ball marks on every green. Some may have had more and some less, but it is a shame that golfers do not fix these. I understand many golfers do not realize they leave a mark and their ball may not be near the mark, but once on the green when the ball marks are noticeable everyone should fix one or two and help maintain the greens.

Overall the course could use some money and some TLC and if I had it I would give it to them. It is my opinion that if Oak Harbor had "private" club kind of funding there is no doubt in my mind it could be the best course in the Greater New Orleans area, and possibly one of the best in the entire state of Louisiana.

I will also add many of the areas that look bad also look like they are a work in progress and the cold temperatures and rain may have things on hold for a bit. I can not wait to see what the golf course will start to look like this coming spring, especially since I am considering Oak Harbor to hoast a New Orleans Cup qualifier.

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