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Golf Course Review, Grand Ridge Golf Club

Updated: May 6, 2023

We got a chance to get out to Grand Ridge Golf Club on May 3rd, 2023, and get the first review of the golf course this year. Grand Ridge Golf Club is an old-style layout built in 1967 in Luling, LA. about a 30-40min drive from downtown New Orleans.

Last time we visited Grand Ridge they were doing some modifications in many areas of the golf course. A new parking lot was built and a new retention pond was being dug to improve drainage and irrigation. Their current project is making improvements to their driving range.

The clubhouse even though it has a 1960s style it does not look old. They do a good job maintaining it. The pro shop is right off the practice putting green overlooking the first tee and has all the essentials you need. The bar and grill area, even though it is small, has everything you need for your drink of preference or a bite to eat.

The putting green was in good condition and was a prelude to our day. From the drive into the property to the view on the first tee, the golf course looked really good. As we started playing there was no change. Each green on the golf course, with the exception of two, was exactly what the practice green was like. They were not perfect but pretty close. Maybe just a little bit grainy. Every once in a while you may get a wobble or a bounce but for the majority of putts the ball rolled smoothly.

The fairways were decent. They had some areas that were bare and some areas where you can tell they are trying to fill in some old washout holes. You can get around the entire golf course playing the ball down and worrying too much about a bad lie. The majority of the fairways had good grass on them and were very green and plush. However, there were a few fairways that had more dirt than others.

The tee boxes for the most part were good. They could use some leveling on many but that wasn't much of an issue at all. The main issue on each tee was that many, maybe more than half the holes, only had one tee marker for each color. If maintenance put that tee color on the other side of the tee box from the cart path it made it challenging on a few holes to know where you were teeing off from. This also leads to golfers just teeing it up anywhere and doing more damage to the tee boxes than should be happening.

Overall the golf course is really good right now. It is not as well marked as other golf courses but they do have the usual 100, 150, and 200-yard plates on the course. The course is well worth their current rate of $45 and the old-style layout, even though not very long, can be challenging, yet very fun. Check out our short video from the day.

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