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Golf League Update

After talking with several golf courses we have a game plan for what to do for a Golf NOLA Golf League this year.

What it boils down to right now is golf courses wanting us to commit (x)-amount of players to book an event. Since we do not have any members currently that is the first step we need to accomplish. Once we have 30 - 50 members we can set up a schedule for this year. As we all grow the league together this year we can move forward next year with a larger schedule, a membership that includes league golf apparel, and work with potential league sponsors to keep costs low and while still generating great prize payouts.

Over the next week, we will work diligently to set up a payment option and have our app ready for members. This first season you are in a sense just becoming a member of Golf NOLA with special member benefits. This will be for a low cost of $25 for a year and will include the following:

Access To Any Tournament We Organize -

This allows you to enter any tournament we organize regardless of the format. These events will be restricted to Golf NOLA members only and entry will only be $25 on top of the green fee. $20 will go to the prize pool and $5 going to the admin cost of printing, etc.. for the event.

Special Members Areas on the Golf NOLA website -

This will be a special section for only members to meet other golfers, find playing partners, or just talk about anything golf-related. Members will have their own log-in and have the ability to post topics, respond to other members and even follow other members. This will also include access to league only information, the event schedule, and event leaderboards

App access -

Our app is an extension of our website but only features our blog and is only accessible to members. Members will have the same permissions and access to the forum through the app without having to get on our desktop or mobile version of our website. This is an easy way to follow other members and get notified of their posts, easily message other members, and more.

Monthly Prize Drawings -

Members will automatically be entered into monthly drawings for gift cards, rounds of golf, and more valued between $25 and $50. This will be completely separate from the random drawings we do for subscribers.

It is our goal to have the membership plan, special member sections added to the website, and the app ready within two weeks. After that point, we will do another post and promote our league. We hope to get at least 50 members by the end of April and be able to schedule our first event to be played as soon as May 15th with a minimum of 30 players registering to play.

Doing things this way this first year will allow us to establish the league, and as we mentioned earlier, attract sponsors for higher prize payouts while keeping member costs to a minimum for each event.

If you have any questions, any feedback, or suggestions please feel free to email us at

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