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Golf Nola Golf League/Tour?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Something we have been asked for and are considering doing is a golf league or golf tour for New Orleans golfers. As we consider some of the logistics of this please take the time to answer the questionnaire below and pass this post on to your friends. We appreciate your feedback.

What we have in mind is a league or tour for New Orleans golfers to compete, have fun and meet other golfers. We have already been thinking of this for a long time and have some great ideas as to what we can do. Our goal is to make this a must-play league in the New Orleans area.

Annual membership will be required to participate and regardless of the membership cost, all members will have special access to pages on our website and access to our website app if they so choose to download it. This will allow members the ability to communicate with one another, find playing partners (event or not), automatic entry to special monthly prize drawings, and each member will receive a Golf Nola ball marker poker chip. We are considering pricing differences that we ask in the questionnaire below.

We are also working on how we can do virtual events each month. This would be playing a specific course during the month anytime you are free to play. We will have a scoring app so you can log your score as you play and it will be upload to the event. This allows golfers the opportunity to play at a time they choose and still be a part of the event. We will ask that you pair up with another player from the event, but at this time it may not be required. We will still consider that but for the time being, it would just be an honor system. We would also negotiate with the golf course for that month to get all our players a specific rate for when they go play. This would be a one-time rate and only for the player in the event.

In addition to a payout of gift cards for each event, we will do season-long points for an end-of-season Championship. This would be for a separate end-of-season prize payout. Also depending on the number of members, it may be used as a qualifier of sorts for the Championship. For example, if we end up having 500 members we obviously can not fit 500 golfers on a golf course for an event so we would need to limit who qualifies.

Each even would have simple online registration and using our tournament software scoring app there will be live leaderboards during each event that will also be posted on our website.

Prizes at this time would be gift cards to our Affiliate Partners; TaylorMade Golf, Worldwide Golf Shops,, and Any additional games such as skins will either be paid out in cash or via PayPal depending on if the event is virtual or not. We will work on ways to increase the prize payouts without any extra cost to our members.

Our goal is to have this all finalized to start in April or perhaps May.

If the Form below does not show or for some reason you can not fill it out please use this link:

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