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Golf Nola Questions Answered

In recent weeks we have received several emails asking us questions about how we do things. We responded to each email individually however, we thought this would be a good time to address these questions publicly and let our readers know the answers. Additionally, we would like to add if there are any specific tips, products, or golf courses you would like to see us cover you can email us at with your request. We will then do our best to get to your request in a timely manner.

The questions we received the most are about our course review videos, product reviews, and, golf tip videos. So here are our answers to those questions.


Golf Course Reviews

Question - Several of your golf course review videos show golf courses brown or with areas of grass missing. Why do you show golf courses in those conditions and not when they are at their best?

Answer - We show golf courses as they are on the date we play them. Sometimes they are near perfect and other times they are not. The purpose of this is so golfers can see exactly what we see and know how the golf courses actually are at that time. If a golfer is wanting to play a certain golf course this week and we just did a review video the week before that golfer now knows what to expect before going to play that specific golf course. That may be during the winter when the grass is brown or shortly after a course may have lost some grass. If we only show golf courses in their best condition we are not doing our best for the golfers and golf courses. This would also limit our review videos to a short time of year during the spring or fall when the golf courses are at their best. When it comes to the New Orleans area or Louisiana golf in general our goal is to do a course review video multiple times at each golf course. This way a golfer can see how a course is playing at different times of the year. As we grow our staff our goal is to increase our video reviews to show New Orleans area golf courses three times a year minimum.


Product Reviews

Question - I have noticed your product reviews have not shown golf clubs or other equipment but do show some products multiple times. Why has Golf Nola not done any reviews of golf clubs? Why does Golf Nola promote some products multiple times?

Answer - Golf Nola does not have the resources to buy tons of equipment or products to review. When you see others reviewing golf clubs they either had the clubs given to them by the manufacturer in exchange for a review or they have the means to buy anything at any time to review anything they want. The products we review have either been bought for personal use, sometimes at a discount, or a company may have sent us a product to test in exchange for a review. The products you see multiple times are either a product that Golf Nola is an ambassador or an affiliate of. Companies like GolfFOREVER and Tifosi Optics are examples and where Golf Nola may receive a commission for promoting them. We only promote products we feel strongly about or use personally. Some product we review or show regularly is because we believe they can benefit golfers. That is whether we are affiliated with a company in any way. For example, we have promoted Bridgestone Golf and we have no connection with the company at all. We just think Bridgestone has the best golf balls on the market and every golfer can benefit by playing the one for their game.


Golf Tips

Question - I am having trouble with my swing, why does Golf Nola not show more tips about the golf swing and how to fix issues like a slice?

Answer - We keep our tips general in a way that we believe any golfer can benefit from. There is one main reason why we keep tips generalized for every golfer. One tip may be good for one golfer but not good for others. Several golfers may experience the same thing but one tip or drill is not the fix for every golfer. This is actually one issue we have with social media and so many "tips" on how to correct or do something better. Sure we can show golfers how to fix a slice one way but the truth is it may actually do more harm than good. If we showed a tip that is not related to a specific golfer's issue and that golfer tries our tip it will hurt their game. For example, a tip to fix a slice by correcting the swing path is not the cause of every golfer's slice. If they think they should try and correct their swing path which may be good then we just gave that golfer bad information when a simple grip change may help them. Yes, other golfers may be helped but our goal is to help all golfers play better and have more fun. If a tip helps 2 out of 10 golfers then we are not helping golfers. A tip that can help golfers regardless of their swing or skill level is by far a better way to help golfers.


We hope this helps everyone better understand what it is Golf Nola does and why Golf Nola does it. Again if there is anything specific you would like to see from us you can email us at and let us know.

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