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How You Can Help Evaluate New Orleans Area Golf Courses.

We would like every golfer that is willing to lend a hand to help us in evaluating New Orleans area golf courses for Louisiana Golf Tourism. We need about 10+ rounds at every golf course in the area that we have listed on our course directory page. That equals 180+ total rounds of golf and is near impossible for only two of us here at Golf NOLA to cover.

This is different than the golf course review we do. Although we are in a way asking you to review golf courses this is for a bigger purpose and goes beyond how a course was the day you played. For example, does the golf course have a driving range? Even if you did not use it we want to know what courses do and do not have a range. The same goes for a bag drop. Even if you do not use it, does the golf course offer this service?

The main purpose of this is to gather enough information on all the golf courses and try to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We can then approach the golf course from a Golf Tourism perspective and determine if that course needs assistance in any way. Be it financial, marketing, or in some other way, Louisiana Golf Tourism can then determine how it can help. The same will be done for every golf course in the state at some point.

All we ask is that you take some time after you play your round to fill out a simple 11 question form we created. There is also a section at the end for notes if you care to leave a comment about your experience. The form automatically fills out a spreadsheet for us so we can then evaluate all the data when we have enough rounds at each golf course. We do not ask for a name or email from anyone that is nice enough to help. This is completely confidential.

You have an advantage that other areas of the state do not have as of yet and that is you are a part of Golf NOLA. Not only will we be ahead of the game so to speak we will be helping grow New Orleans Golf Tourism faster than anywhere else in Louisiana. The other great advantage of being a part of Golf NOLA, even though we will not have names of those that help us evaluate these golf courses, we will somehow reward every one of our members in some kind of way when we have completed this task.

We appreciate your consideration in helping us. For easy access to the form link, we will post it in our forum as well. The fastest way to access our forum on the go is through our Golf NOLA App we have for our members. Our app also gives you direct access to us and other members via the built-in messaging. Become a FREE Golf NOLA Member and download the app.



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