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Improve Your Game With Golf Specific Fitness

There are many ways golfers can improve their game. The Best way obviously is with personal instruction but there are many other ways golfers can improve. Training aids can be useful tools if used properly but they can also hurt a golfer's game if they are using a training aid they really don't need.

Golf-specific fitness is probably the second-best way to improve your golf game, right behind having personal instruction. Doing both is ideal and would give the greatest results. Golf-specific fitness allows golfers to strengthen their golf muscles. Stronger golf muscles allow for muscle memory which leads to greater consistency. Greater consistency leads to lower scores.

There are many videos on YouTube or websites like the Titleist Performance Institute where a golfer can find exercises specific to golf. There are many exercises that can be done at home without weights or golf clubs. Regular fitness, strengthing your core and legs, will go a long way in improving your golf game but if you combine those with golf moves you will see dramatic differences. Those differences can be more clubhead speed helping hit the ball further, a more controlled golf swing for better accuracy, and more stamina or energy for the entire round. Golf-specific fitness is not about bulky muscle either. It is simply about gaining effective muscle that is specific to the muscles you use while making a golf swing.

A perfect scenario for golf-specific fitness is instruction, for both golf and the fitness part, used with a training aid specific to golf fitness. That is why Golf Nola has partnered with GolfFOREVER, a company that brings golf and fitness together. The GolfFOREVER training Aid (pictured below) alone is a great tool for just the golf swing but it is everything else that GolfFOREVER offers that makes them the best option. There are many golf instruction videos and fitness instruction videos and you can get a personalized program to guide you along the way. You may have seen a recent blog post about this, How You Can Get Tour Level Training For Your Golf Game, that explains more about the company and the founders. For a very limited time, you can get 3-months of GolfFOREVER Free with the purchase of a training aid and Free shipping using code GOLFNOLA.

Another option could be to join a fitness center and use a personal trainer. Just tell them you want to do golf-specific exercises and if they are good they will know what exercises to have you do to strengthen your golf muscles. Whichever way you choose to start doing golf-specific fitness you will see an improvement in your game. Of course, with any fitness, you will feel better in general, both physically and mentally.

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