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Is There A Good Weather App For Golfers?

To be honest there are not any real good weather apps period. They are wrong most of the time and they all have more ads than they do actual weather on them. That is of course unless you pay for the "no ads" versions. Even the websites for weather are not that good either.

So why write about something that's not really worth talking about? For one, as golfers, we all worry about the weather. Unless we live on a golf course and can just look outside before we go off to play we need to know what the potential weather is on the other side of town. The second reason we have all seen it rain in one place and not the other. Many times while on the golf course, we've seen one nine get rain while we were on the other nine. No weather app can ever be that precise but we like to have an idea before we go tee off so we can be prepared.

I have three weather apps on my phone. One is more accurate on the 5-day forecast, another is more accurate on the daily forecast, and the last has the most accurate radar. I do use one more than others for everyday use and that is Weatherbug. They have the best forecast for planning a few days ahead of time. 1 Weather (mobile only) has the best forecast for that day if you want to see what the hourly forecast is. When on the golf course I use since their radar is the most accurate in real time. When you see a storm off in the distance and want to know if it's heading your way they are the best.

There are many others out there and to be honest none seem to be accurate for golf. Of the three I use I have seen the weather say different things and temps for the same location. For example, I will be playing in a tournament at Grand Bear this coming Monday. I looked to see what the weather would be on each app. One said sunny and 78° and sunny, one said 72° and mostly cloudy, while the third said 82° and a 30% chance of rain. The one thing that was consistent with all of them was that the wind would be 5-10 mph out of the Northeast.

One thing I did find cool by total accident is something every golf course should have. On Weatherbug there is a webcam at TPC Louisiana for a live look at the weather. You can also look at a time-lapse of the past 24 hours. There are actually many local places where you can see the live weather via a webcam across the New Orleans area.

As golfers sometimes we have to just take a chance and be prepared for rain or adverse weather anytime we play. It is actually one of the reasons a vast majority of golf bags have a spot to hold an umbrella. I for one keep my umbrella on my bag and my rain gear in the bag at all times. You never know when the weather may turn but when there isn't a weather app that can 100% be trusted we must always be prepared.

If you know of a good app for weather please let everyone know in the comments. I am always looking for something better and sure everyone would greatly appreciate it.

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Tony Twillie
Tony Twillie
Nov 05, 2023

I use an app called Raindar II to check on rain. As it sounds, it's the second incarnation of this rain app. I don't know which technologies it uses, but it is incredibly accurate in showing where actual rain is. And if you put the time lapse motion on, you can all but predict when the rain will get to a location and how heavy it may be. Best rain app I've seen. Not really a forecast app, but great for real time looks. If you couple it with WeatherBug, you can get a good feel for the day.

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