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Junior Golf Camps and Their Benefits.

It is getting close to that time of year when the kids will be out of school for the summer. What plans do you have for your child? Will he/she have activities to do while you are at work? This is where a Junior Golf Camp comes in handy. Besides giving your child a place to be while you are at work, a Junior Golf Camp is much more than that.

Most Junior Golf Camps all teach the same things no matter what type of camp it is or what golf course the camp is being held at. Golf, as we know, is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Junior Golf Camp but other than learning golf what are the benefits of sending your child to one?

  • The Teaching of the Game - We all want our kids to develop into responsible adults. The game of golf has, at its core, a standard of behavior that lends itself to positive development. Personal skills such as honesty, integrity, courtesy, and respect are all present in golf, regardless of the level of skill or competition. Golf teaches kids to use good judgment and to be responsible for their actions. It also encourages the highest level of sportsmanship. What other sport allows you to call a penalty on yourself? Examples of this very thing are demonstrated at the biggest stages of the game.

  • Exercise and Fitness - It is estimated that 20% - 30% of children and adolescents in the U.S. are overweight. The physical and emotional issues that can result from childhood obesity are as staggering as the number itself. Twenty years ago, golf and fitness were rarely uttered in the same sentence. Thanks to a new generation of golf professionals, strength, conditioning, and nutrition are a significant part of golf instructional programs, Would you rather your son or daughter immersed in the latest video game or walking nine-holes with the high school golf team? As schools are reducing the time spent on physical fitness, it is crucial that kids avoid becoming couch potatoes when they are not in school. Golf is a great low-impact way to develop the cardio activity, core stability, balance, and focus that is necessary to function effectively from day to day and reduce the risk of health concerns.

  • Life and Social Skills - Through golf kids learn how to socialize with others as they make friends. Good communication is a very important life skill and one that is needed in golf. They are also taught respect for themselves by following the proper dress code, having a positive attitude, and learning proper etiquette. They will also learn respect for others with safety, and being friendly, courteous, and helpful. All of these skills will follow them throughout their lives.

Everything a child can learn at a Junior Golf Camp and playing golf can help them with a college scholarship, in making business contacts, and spending more time with family.

To find information about a Junior Golf Camp near you call your nearest golf course. In the New Orleans area, we recommend Lakewood Golf Club, Oak Harbor Golf Club, and Timberlane Golf and Recreation.

Here are three links to check out for more junior golf in the Greater New Orleans area and Gulf Coast.

Junior Coaching and US Kids Golf -

First Tee of New Orleans -

Gulf States PGA Section Junior events -

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